Discover How You Can Regain Your Health In a Few Short Months!

Science is finally understanding that foods can kill and foods can heal!

National Cancer Institute:

"Serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and stroke, that are linked to what we eat, kill 3 out of 4 Americans who die each year!"

Dr. C. Everett Koop, former surgeon general of the US:

"Eating the Standard American Diet Kills 2 out of 3 Americans each year!"

Dr. C. Esselstyn, Bill Clinton's Cardiologist:

In his new book, "Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease," Dr. Esselstyn tells how he has treated and cured heart disease in thousands of patients over 20 years with an Alkaline Diet.

Dr. Hiromi Shinya, one of the worlds top Oncologists:

For nearly 30 years, Dr. Shinya, who also invented the modern colonoscope, gurarntees his cancer patients that their cancer will never return if they follow his Alkaline Diet which includes Ionized, alkaline water.

Noted Nutrition Therapy Coach, Bill Young, has taken the best of the new, emerging nutrition science and devised a powerful Alkaline nutrition protocol featuring Ionized Alkaline Water. He used it to cure his own Type 2 diabetes as well as his lifelong asthma. Over the last few years, Bill and his team have helped many people overcome their own chronic illnesses and reversed aging with his healing nutritional protocols. 

During this exciting, 1 hour teleconference, you will  learn how you can apply these life saving protocols yourself immediately! The ffirst 50 registrants will also be eligible to hire Bill as their own personal Nutrition Therapy Coach, FREE for a two week trial period that will include up to a 2 week supply of Ionized Alkaline Water! (If you live in the Philadelphia area)  Register now to receive the details on the next monthly teleseminar.



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