The Brand New BZ9 Word Press Plugin … Simplifies The Installation and Management of Over 17 Affiliate and Internet Marketing Tools For Your Blogs and WebPages

Word Press is such a popular website builder that we went ahead and created a Word Press plugin so that you can add BZ9 Webmaster Tools to your Word Press pages and blog posts.

The plugin is free to use and can be downloaded via the video below.

The BZ9 Word Press Plugin simplifies the installation and management of over 17 affiliate and internet marketing tools for your blogs and WebPages.

The plugin will install within seconds, its dead simple…

By adding BZ9 Webmaster Tools code you will be able to add any of the following tools and services which are instantly switched on and off at the click of your mouse…

Available Tools & Services …
    • Designer Dropins
    • Custom Dropins
    • GEO Targeting
    • GEO Tagging
    • Peel Aways
    • Navigation Bars
    • Viral bars
    • Pop Unders
    • Exit Pop Ups
    • Delayed Dropins
    • Optin forms
    • Social Follow Me Tabs
    • Optin Bars
    • Stealth Tracking
    • Pop Unders
    • Dynamic Ads 
    • Over 25 ‘Virtual Presenters’

Custom dropins is a very comprehensive tool which allows you to place any content any where on the page from banners to optin forms and you can also delay their appearance to a set time interval or to appear on exit. Great for offering last chance offers and CPA deals…

NOTE: If you use the BZ9 Word Press Services the plugin is already installed.

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The Brand New BZ9 Word Press Plugin…

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