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The comments and feedback you will read below have generally been submitted within just a few minutes of posting, certainly within 24 hours, so unlike my results the beta tester results are based on no more than 24 hours in total…

    • Hey this image is a winner, I saw it floating on the net around three weeks ago and used it. It blew me away, with people commenting on my then 3000 strong fan page at a rate of 10 per minute. This carried at that pace for around 36 hour, delivering me 2000-ish new fans. I’d then followed it up with an on target post that evoked nostalgia and this took my page up to 8000 fans. So I gained 5000 fans in around 72 hours. If you’ve not used this image yet, then do so. It’s dynamite,” “Originally Posted by mytoy78..”
    • “UPDATE … 16 comments, 85 likes, 7 shares, 170 clicks on my link Thank Internet_Corporation for sharing this. Regards! The Programmer” “Originally Posted by TheProgrammer..
    • “Well, I’m about 24 hours in now and so far, I had 161 likes on my brand new FaceBook page and 304 comments on the puzzle. About 25% of those that clicked thru chose to like the page – which isn’t bad since the page itself is mainly for my new training center and I mailed to all my lists. The most important thing of all is that I finally did make that new Facebook page AND it is gaining traction and momentum now – all in only 24 hours. Yay! This enabled me to put a Facebook widget on the sidebar inside the training center so they can all see their beautiful faces AND keep up with updates and news in a real time way. This is just what I needed. Thanks so much!! Jennifer – PotPieGirl” “Originally Posted by PotPieGirl
    • “Thanks for the image Terry. Just to throw my results in the hat as well, I posted this to the Facebook page for an FB app of mine that had (at the time) about 1,500 likes and I promoted the post for $5. That was roughly 24 hours ago. Here are the stats so far (and its not stopping yet): Stories Generated> 1,275 – Comments: 1,002 – Likes > 199 – Shares> 74 … As I said, its showing no signs of stopping yet. Of the $5 only $2.63 has been spent, so it’s only halfway through the ad spend. Id call that a bargain. Thanks for sharing. Jon.” “Originally Posted by jonathanleger
    •  “Its kind of funny…my page is the official page of model and this photo got over 100 comments already, more than any of her portfolio pics ever did LOL.” “Originally Posted by DebraHeward
    • “Wow! Tested it. 26 comments in 28 minutes. And 5 clicks on my link in the post.” “Originally Posted by drmani

    • “Update: 77 comments, 10 shares, 15 clicks on my link!” “Originally Posted by drmani

    • “I’ve had 14 comments in the first 15 minutes…” “Originally Posted by Colin Klinkert

    • Just an update at the (roughly) 2 day mark.

    Engaged Users: 11,260Vista_Word_Jacker_MEDIUM

    Other Clicks: 24,831 Photo Views: 7,180 Stories Generated: 4,668

    Comments: 3,618 Likes: 808 Shares: 242

    My ad spend on this is $10, of which about $2 is left. The promo ends tomorrow morning.

    Was it worth $10? I’ll let you answer that for yourself.”

    “Originally Posted by jonathanleger

    • First 3 minutes of image being posted. 8 comments, 3 likes, 1 share. My pay has 14800 fans.” “Originally Posted by arranrice
    • I now have, 22 likes, 120 comments, 14 shares. Thanks!” “Originally Posted by arranrice
    • “Excellent share. I love these virals. I added a €30 promote post coupon onto a 32k fanpage to give it that extra boost. Its flying already. Il keep you updated on totals. Thanks for this one. Goes to show how simple a viral can be” “Originally Posted by Kevin Maguire
    • “Tested it. in 2 minutes, I got 66 likes! and 30 comments” “Originally Posted by Khalid Abdullah
    • “Just posted it on a client’s page I am admin to, then shared it on my profile. In less than a minute I already got two comments and one share. Amazing!” “Originally Posted by ITByTheSea
    • “Hi Terry, that’s incredible! I saw that image so many times in the last week, it’s incredible how many people you reached! I confess I tried on my own every time I saw it, just for curiosity. It works very very well, my compliments for the idea! Thanks and see you soon, Alessandro Zamboni” “Originally Posted by Alessandro Zamboni
    • “Great thread. Not only a really cool share from the OP, but some clever ideas from warriors to extend the idea further. Thanks guys!” “Originally Posted by The Offline Advisor
    • “This is great, and yep, people eat these kinds of things up. Just posted it on a fan page with 1534 fans. Replies started coming within a few seconds, so this shall be interesting.” “Originally Posted by Tom E
    • “Thanks for this mate, I don’t have heaps of followers on my facebook page, But so far I have used this and I currently have 49 comments and 14 likes and it has been shared 3 times. It seem so be slowly increasing too cheers mate.” “Originally Posted by The Aussie Seo Guy
    • “Just tried this and was starting to get traffic within minutes – I even paid for it as a Sponsored post to really kick it off.

      I was using a URL rotator which is a WP plugin and which allowed me to use my own domain to cloak the rotated links. By the way, I had the affiliate links converted into Clickmeter tracking links so I’ll know which of the offers would convert better.

      Suddenly the post disappeared. When I attempted to re-post it, FB slapped me with a dialog box saying the post cannot get through as it had spammy links – listing the tracking links and my domain name cloaking the main rotator link as the culprits.

      Thoughts? I’m really excited about using this strategy as I’ve seen it works!” “Originally Posted by Loloy Diango

    • “Seriously folks…this does work like gangbusters!

      I’ve just reposted it (About a month after I used it the first time and here are the results).

      A big thanks to the OP for spreading the word on this!!!!” “Originally Posted by mytoy78

    • “Here are my results

    15 hours ago I’ve posted that image on 4 FB Pages

     FBPage #1 = 2722 Contest Targeted Users = Reach 3161, Engaged 373, Talk about 208, Virality 6,58%, Shared 17 times, 61 Likes, comments 183

    FB Page #2 = 5050 Mainly Bruce Lee Fans, Reach = 699, Engaged 80, Talk about 41, Virality = 5,87%, Shared 3 times, 29 likes, Comments 20

    FB Page #3 = 1188 Crossfit fans, Reach 66, 9 Engaged, Talk about 6, Virality 9,09%, 0 Likes, 9 comments

    FB Page #4 = 1123 Beagle Dog Fans, Reach 590, Engaged 96, Talk about it 66, Virality 11,19% , Likes 27, comments 67

    Ok, so it’s easy to see that targeted women pages will respond more than men. In my case the Contest and Beagle pages have more women. On the other side the Virality is above 5% which is what I see the most with posting an image. Where everything changes it’s in the number of comments and shares.” “Originally Posted by heyadnet

    • “This is awesome – thanks for the share and idea! Im using it a bit differently. I have kept putting off creating a page for my new Vista_Word_Jacker_MEDIUMtraining center. I saw this thread and thought, well, I guess today is the day…lol! I created my new page from scratch about 40 minutes ago – dressed it up a little, etc. Then I posted the puzzle. Then, I emailed my lists to invite them to come try the puzzle and tell me what word they see first. Those emails JUST went out. Results so far – within minutes of sending it: Started as a new page/ zero likes – no nuttin’ cause it was new. Now – a few minutes later: 15 Likes 17 Comments And it’s just getting started! Thanks for the awesome idea to get my new FB page up and running!!!! Jennifer ~PotPieGirl” “Originally Posted by PotPieGirl”
    • “My Smooth Jazz Masters page has been limping along for 17 months with very little signs of life. I do make at least one post per day. I have tried many ways to engage contribution and feedback from fans. Your viral images succeeded where other methods failed. Thanks Terry for providing this useful method. Wayne” “Originally Posted by whairston
    • “Great pic and thankyou for sharing! 14 mins and 39 comments so far. Outstanding performance!” “Originally Posted by braincandy7
    • “80 of my 127 ‘fans’ are actually from fiverr so I don’t count them as real they were just for social pressure for the ‘real fans’. So 47 ‘real fans’ (mostly my facebook friends/family with the odd random person) I gained 12 fans and went from 127 to 138 (or 47 to 58 real numbers), and I have had over 220 comments. I did feature the post and pay for a bit of a boost due to my low numbers, I turned it off prematurely and stopped the flow of likes. As someone who has spent an entire month wasting time at this and that (including attempting to pay for facebook ads that are not converting for me) this was a amazing. Even though I paid a dollar or so to boost it, so worth it as it was far more affective than every other thing I have been trying! Do you have any more of these tricks up your sleeve? If I did just one everyday mixed in with my ‘real stuff’I could see how this could snowball … ” “Originally Posted by wfapples
    • “Now up to 46 likes and 301 comments” “Originally Posted by braincandy7
    • “In 24 hours over 1000 comments. The comments still coming in! I started when had 530 fans. Did not get many new likes but I don’t care” “Originally Posted by @affiliates
Do I Need To Buy Anything Else?
    • Absolutely not … everything you need is included.
Will it really only take five minutes?
    • Probably less … all you are doing is uploading an image, copy and pasting a pre-set message and adding your link.
If posting to my own Fanpage how many fans should I have?
  • I would recommend at least 100 … as you will see from the testimonials and comments this has worked very well with very few Facebook fans…
Will this solve all my traffic problems?
    • No … Word Jacker is just a quick free way to generate some activity and traffic which you can repeat for the same fanpage once every 3 to 6 weeks.

Do I have to buy advertising?

    • Absolutely … NOT … 99% of people do not pay to promote the post, but as you will see from the beta tester comments some have with excellent results.
Where did the beta testers post their original comments?
    • Once you have purchased you will have access to the private forum where viral marketing methods are discussed, this is where beta testers posted their comments
Seems like a high price to pay for an image?
    • Are you sure? This image has the potential to send hundreds and even thousands of visitors to your chosen destination … a small price to pay for such a proven process.
Can I resell or give the image away?
    • NO … Word Jacker does not include resell rights or the option to give away.
Can I use Word Jacker For My Clients?
    • Yes … Feel free to create a service for your clients, you can even charge for the service. Our beta testers have already provided this service for their clients … when you deliver this to your clients they will think you are an absolute marketing genius…

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