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Page 1 Position on Google is The Ultimate Goal

Page ONE on Google Can Make Your Business … Page TWO Could Break it!

Use Toxic SEO Website Rank Checker to monitor search engine rankings on a regular basis; check if keyword research & search engine optimization efforts have been rewarded.

Toxic SEO Website Rank Monitoring delivers the most advanced, detailed ranking reports…

  • Compare a website’s current rankings to previous results
  • View changes in ranking
  • Track positioning progress on multiple search engines
  • View traffic for each selected keyword
  • View search volume powered by Google
  • Forecast traffic volumes you could enjoy when your position on a search engine goes up!
  • Schedule Toxic SEO Ranking reports or run them manually

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Toxic SEO Delivers Multiple SEO Ranking Reports Per Site:

  • Multiple data streams for all website ranking data
  • View the whole keyword positioning picture
  • Lists keywords & positions that your domain ranks for
  • Detailed report on positions and specific URLs of the ranked pages broken down by keywords and search engines
  • Page Report lists positions and search engines broken down by pages and keywords
  • Website Visibility Index and Average Listing Position reports show graphical presentations of the progress of your website rankings over time
  • The proprietary Toxic SEO Visibility index takes into account your keywords’ search volumes on Google. It accounts for the weight search engines apply to your site, how it’s ranked and your site’s positions for those keywords. The higher the Search Engine Visibility Index for your site, the better its competitive position
  • Average Listing Position summarises rankings and displays the average position of a website for a specified search engine, this lets you quickly see where you move up or down in SERPs.

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Analyze Competitor’s SERPs (Search Engine Rankings)

Toxic SEO Online Rank Checker allows you to SPY on the competition and accurately track their SERPs. Like the Search Engine Ranking reports for your own site, the competitors’ ranking data is interpreted in several reports:

  • Competition overview
  • Competition rankings by keywords
  • Competition rankings by search engines

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To start monitoring the SERPs of your competitors for targeted keywords: Log into your account, open the Online Rank Checker and go to the Competitor Overview tab. You will see the average listing position and the SE visibility index of your competitors.

These simple graphs will give an overview of how your website is progressing in SERPs. In the ‘Competitor rankings by keyword’ and ‘Competitor rankings by SE’ tabs, you get detailed site ranking reports which compare your website and your competitors’ page positions.

Tip: Use the Backlink Checker and Buzz Tracker to monitor your competitors’ progress over time.


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Monitor Your Website Rankings on Local Search Engines

It is imperative for SEOs and website owners that their target audience is geographically targeted. The goal is to make a website MORE visible to the RELEVANT target audience. A local businesses in UK needs to be shown to UK searchers, American businesses need to be visible to Americans and so on.

Most search engines have Local Search and create local results display for almost every country and take into account the web surfers’ search parameters depending on their query, language and physical location.

Toxic SEO Online Rank Checker takes into account the needs of SEOs for Local Search visibility which is why it includes focused functionality to provide users with accurate regional ranking results.

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To set up a local ranking check: Log in and open the Online Rank Checker settings. Go to the search engine selection tab. Search engines are broken down by country and query language, simply select the desired combinations and run the report. Toxic SEO Online Rank Checker will scan TEN search engine result pages

See what your potential customers see! 

Our local results also use a feature based on Google’s ‘custom location’ search tool. Open the Localization tab in Rank Checker settings and specify your location (ZIP code or city). Google will display results as someone might see from the entered location.

Use Smart Filter to Fine Tune Your Ranking Reports

  • Changes: The keyword positions that went up/down or appeared/dropped will be displayed
  • Top 10: Only the top 10 keyword positions will be reported
  • Ranked: Keywords for which your website pages already rank for will be hidden in the report
  • Not Ranked: Displays only the keywords for which your website pages are not found.

Toxic SEO, a smart approach to SEO and web promotion. Easy-to-follow SEO Roadmap allows ANYONE to optimize websites and track results. Toxic SEO Online Search Engine Rank Checker monitors website rankings, competitors’ rankings, calculates a website’s visibility in search engines and allows application of smart filters to ranking reports. 

Thanks to a strong system and a competitive price point, Toxic SEO is ideal for webmasters, business owners, marketers, stand-alone SEO specialists and even large marketing agencies!

Toxic SEO Website Rank Monitoring

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