$40 To $200 Per Sale Using Copy & Paste White Label  ‘Virtual Presenter’ Marketing System …

No Cold Calling, Face To Face Or Tele Sales … Just A Simple 3 Step Sales Strategy … Leveraging Brand New Client Demonstration Software, Creating Thousands Of Compelling Demonstrations Within Seconds …

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Virtual Presenter :: Complete 100% Turnkey Business




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]This Powerful Opportunity Combines 4 REAL, Tangible Reasons Why You Will Make Money Within The Virtual Presenter Industry…


You have just discovered a truly unique product … one which virtually sells itself without advertising, tele sales or face to face contact.

You now have the opportunity of running your very own prestigious ‘Virtual Presenter’ business delivering a proven and valuable service to both online and offline businesses.

And when I say sells itself this product really does sell itself … delivering highly personalised demonstrations, directly on the client’s website, created within seconds without ever having to configure one single piece of software.

How astonishing is that?

Let me explain the unique selling points in a little more detail …

Unique Selling Point #1: Unique Product With Very High Profit Margins … with 100% of sales going directly to your PayPal account it just can’t get any more profitable than this. The product offers the option for the client to purchase a bespoke, custom made recording or an ‘off the shelf’ pre-recorded, generic recording which means you can offer two extremely cost effective solutions to your clients.

Unique Selling Point #2: Highly effective and PROVEN product demonstration system … when broken down into simple terms these highly personalised demonstrations convert .. the principle is equally as simple … put as many demonstrations in front of as many eyes as possible (we show you how) and let the demonstrations do the selling.

Unique Selling Point #3: Easy to Market sales process with ZERO cold calling, ZERO tele sales and ABSOLUTELY ZERO advertising …

Unique Selling Point #4: This is a turnkey business, including 32 page fully customizable Word Press sales website … every thing you need to get started within the next 24 hours.

Unlike virtually any other product out there the entire marketing concept is based on very basic yet proven principles.

When we decided to develop this product and marketing system we wanted something which was simple, free to promote and above all scalable.

This is a marketers dream … proven product … high profit margins … unique, powerful and proven demonstration system … combined with dead simple zero cost marketing.

PROFITS … Lets Talk Money For A Moment …


Once you enter the prestigious world of delivering professionally recorded Virtual Presenters you also enter an extremely profitable world!

Your clients will have the option of purchasing 2 different types or versions of Virtual Presenters to maximise your profit potential.

 ‘A La Carte’ pre recorded Virtual Presenters … we recommend pricing these at between $30 and $50 … 100% of the price you set goes straight into your bank account. With no cost of production each sale represents a 100% profit margin.

Custom recorded Virtual Presenters … this is where your profits really start to mount up. For each sale made you will pay the recording studio just 25% of the recommended prices. This therefore leaves a massive 75% profit margin for you.

You can even increase your profit margins by increasing your retail pricing. You only ever pay 25% of the recommended pricing, so what ever you increase the retail pricing by goes straight into your bank account!

To see recommended pricing please review our sample pricing page, however, these prices can easily be increased by 50% (which goes straight into your bank account) without affecting sales volume.


Instant, Compelling, PERSONALISED Product Demonstrations Is The Key To Making MORE Sales…


This is the sales clincher … with most offline sales procedures it entails the cumbersome, time consuming process of creating client demonstrations.

They are great once created but every second spent not selling represents lost sales …

Which is why we have spent a lot of time and money perfecting the ultimate demonstration system …

Its the ultimate demonstration system because …

– Set up takes just seconds … seconds to create one demonstration, tens of demonstrations and just seconds to create hundreds and even thousands of demonstrations.

– These are real highly personalised demonstrations featured right there on the clients website, once they see the demonstration they are sold.

Potential clients will be calling and emailing YOU asking pre sales questions, credit card in hand!


Professionally Designed & Built Word Press Sales Sites Mean You Can Start Making Sales & Taking Payments TODAY …


Of course you can’t make sales without a sales website … which is why we’ve included a fully functional, fully customisable Word Press sales website with the package.

The sales website consists of 32 pages and is hosted for you on a sub domain of Skoopster.net.

You can map or redirect your own domain to the sub domain to carry your own branding.

Set Up: Your site only requires the addition of your email address to receive customer enquiries and order confirmations plus of course your PayPal links so that you may accept payments directly to your PayPal account.

If you have not created a PayPal payment link before don’t worry as we include video tutorials covering every aspect.

You can edit every feature of the sales website, from colors to headlines, pricing to navigation and even add and remove pagers on demand. Please click here to view an example sales website.


Simple To Operate & Maintain … 


There really is nothing technical about this business at all. You are outsourcing the only technical aspect which is the production and recording.

Your day to day management will consist of:

– Answering customer enquiries
– Taking orders (online)
– Confirming orders (by email)
– Placing orders with the recording studio

Its as simple as that ….

Even the pre sales questions are non technical such as:

– How do I add to my website?
– How long does it take for delivery?
– Is there branding on the presenters? (answer = NO)

These are standard questions you will receive which are easily answered by the FAQs.

Will I Need To Purchase Anything Else?


You are purchasing a complete turn key solution …

You will NOT need to purchase any other services or software.

Within the marketing training we do show how to use a desktop application for automating the finding of suitable leads but this would be an entirely optional purchase if you decided to go down this route.

The desktop application has not been developed by us and would cost only $39 if you choose to pursue this automated opportunity which is easily recoverable by the sales you will be making.



What Is Included With My Purchase?
    • Unrestricted access to a growing portfolio of ‘A La Carte’ pre-recorded presenters within various niches which can be sold as an instant download or used to create compelling demonstrations for potential clients.
    • Unrestricted access to place client orders with the recording studio in return for a very generous 75% commission
    • Unrestricted Access to unique client demonstration software allowing you to create tens, hundreds and even thousands of personalised demonstrations within seconds … on the fly …
    • Fully customisable 32 page Word Press sales websites proven to turn browsers into buyers … create as many as you like for different sales tracking, niche targeting or different colour schemes for example.
    • Marketing training … how to find suitable clients, quickly and easily.
    • Support and help with setup if required
    • All systems fully hosted for you allowing for quick set-up … start making sales tomorrow
Want A Bonus?

Should you want to use your own domain with our hosted sites and want to create a simple redirect to your hosted site we have included our state of the art Link Cracker software so that you can orchestrate this from your domain.

Link Cracker is an Astonishing, Sophisticated, Software Solution PROVEN To … Reach More Buyers … Convert MORE Sales & Optins … Link To ‘Hidden’ Pages …

    • Protect Affiliate Commissions … INCREASE Your Brand Awareness …
    • Create redirect links using your domain
    • Create cloaking links using your domain
    • Create 301 redirects (tells the search engines its a permanent link and not a redirect)
    • Rotate multiple urls whilst cloaking or redirecting
    • Create ‘split tests’ for unlimited URLs or landing pages
    • Instantly swap from redirect to cloaked URL or visa versa
    • Track click throughs for each redirect or cloaking link you create
    • Reset tracking counter to zero
    • Reset tracking counter to any value
    • Instantly activate and deactivate links
    • Set default link so that deactivated links redirect to default link
    • Keep notes as reminder what link is used for
    • Make ugly links look ‘attractive’
    • Increase YOUR brand awareness and develop your domain as a trusted domain
    • Create multiple admins if you have staff or outsourcing

    Plus over a 12 more fabulous features, yours to keep even if you decide not to continue with ‘Skoopster’

Virtual Presenter :: Complete 100% Turnkey Business


Webmasters And Affiliates LOVE BZ9 …

I can vouch 100% percent for the BZ9 service… the package is nowYouTube Scraper so incredible I would not be without today … the team have added so much value … what they’ve developed is a total no brainer … Lastly the service is outstanding. Whenever I’ve had any questions support has come back super fast with answers to my queries.

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Virtual Presenter :: Complete 100% Turnkey Business

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