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Hey Sir Richard! … WHY Does No One Give A Damn About VirginUnite.com, TheElders.com & The CarbonWarRoom.com? 

“How to Get Virgin Unite on Track & Prevent Armageddon”

I do give a damn and I am mystified!

“We connect amazing people and great ideas to make positive change happen in the world”

I say this with caution for fear of alienating you from the outset but my instinct dictates that you’ll be thankful to see that according to the evidence, Virgin Unite is failing to unite the people that can help drive radical change in the shortest possible time frame.

Sir Richard, I’m contacting you directly as I feel it is important that YOU see this report on the current Virgin Unite campaign and have the opportunity to fix it quickly.

I respectfully invite you to log in to view the White Paper where I outline my findings, the issues and most importantly, you’ll hopefully be excited to hear … The BIG IDEA to fix it!

I apologise in advance if you receive several invitations from various sources but this is important. 

Have a great day
Paul J. Tranter

Confidential Report for Sir Richard Branson:

Log in: http://bz9.com/index.php/virgin-unite-doorway

Report Password: virginunite

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