97% of text messages are opened … 83% are opened within one hour!

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BZ9 Texter … Text Marketing Means More Business! Hit A Quiet Period And Simply Text A Special Offer … Within The Hour Your Card Machine And Cash Register Are Ringing In The Profits!

The Future is here! Mobile Media is the best way to reach your customers.

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Instant Communication

text communications

Texter … When You Need Instant Communication & INSTANT RESULTS!

Imagine being able to instantly send a text message and within the hour have customers arriving at your venue, buying your special offers or booking you latest offering…

SMS (text messaging) really is that powerful!

Until now you had to plan your promotions and special offers in advance. Not any more, hit a quite period and simply text a special offer … within the hour your card machine & cash register are ringing in the profits! (and its inexpensive too!)

Texter is one of the most feature-rich, easy to use Shortcode SMS platforms out there, and we’ve pitched the price at the lowest in the market.

Why Send Marketing Texts?

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  • 100% deliverable communication
  • 92% of people keep their mobile with them at all times (day and night)
  • 73% of people WANT to receive offers by text
  • Most messages read within minutes
  • Easily accesible
  • More personal
  • 97% of text messages are opened…
  • 83% are opened within one hour!

Why Should You Use BZ9 Texter?

why use texter

Check the great feature list & why you should be text marketing with Texter:

  • Memorable short code 70000
  • Free trial account with free credits
  • ‘Pay As You Go’ – no commitment
  • Free keyword
  • Best rates in US
  • Add unlimited contacts
  • Send now or automated messages
  • Set up appointment reminders
  • Post to social networks
  • QR codes & code tracking
  • Create coupons and voting
  • Create online sign up pages
  • Send voice messages

How it Works

Customer sends keyword text to 70000

How text marketing works

Customer receives automated text message.

text marketing 2

Customer has opted to join your mobile distribution list.

text marketing 3

The Future is here! Mobile Media is the best way to reach your customers 

Do you have specials you want to get out to your customers fast? Do you have appointments that need to be scheduled and/or confirmed? For whatever reason text marketing is the way to go. Now you can update your customers with important alerts, promotions and specials right to their mobile device.

Excellent Service! Fast, efficient and very easy to do business with

Sandalwood Marketing
Product Texts Keywords Price
TEXT 250 250 1 Keyword $29
TEXT 500 500 1 Keyword $49
TEXT 1000 1000 1 Keyword $79
TEXT 1500 1500 1 Keyword $99
TEXT 2000 2000 1 Keyword $120
TEXT 4000 4000 1 Keyword $200
TEXT 8000 8000 1 Keyword $320
TEXT 16000 16000 1 Keyword $544
TEXT 24000 24000 1 Keyword $792
TEXT 48000 48000 1 Keyword $1536
  • NOTE #1: We make no charge for your first keyword providing you maintain a balance of approx. $10 worth or credits within your account.
  • NOTE #2: We also offer reseller pricing. These are available within your BZ9.mobi account or you may contact us for further details.
  • NOTE #3: Additional keywords can be purchased from just $5 each

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