BZ9 Short Links … Track, Convert & Market Your Way To MORE Online Sales …

If You Have Been Working Online For Even The Shortest Amount Of Time You’ll Know That Short Links Play an Invaluable Role When it Comes to Marketing short_linksOnline …

And despite the fact that some of the biggest online players offer short link services most tend to miss the mark by a mile as they gear their service towards the mass market and offer little value to the serious online marketer.

Not All Short Links Are Created Equal …

At BZ9 we know what the serious online marketer needs … as product owners and affiliate marketers we know what’s required … since 2003 we have developed BZ9 Short Links as the main stay of the BZ9 stable of products and services.

Over more than a decade BZ9 has evolved into the market leader offering features other short link services have yet to consider.

At BZ9 we don’t just offer the ability to shorten and cloak your marketing links … that’s so 2005!

From tracking and converting to plugins and unique ways to drive traffic please review these features so that we may demonstrate why BZ9 is the marketers choice …

Industry Leading Features …

When you choose BZ9 Short Links you tap into more than a decade of experience which has helped zone BZ9 into the marketers first choice for when it comes to marketing online.

You’ll have instant access to these amazing features, add ons and plugins …

Click Through Tracking  …

    • Click through tracking
    • Unique visitor tracking
    • Bounce rates
    • Time on page
    • Pages per visit
    • Traffic sources (see where traffic is coming from)
    • Google analytic tracking

Conversion Tracking …

  • Click through conversions
  • Optin conversions
  • Sales conversions
  • IP tracking and recording

Plugins & Tools …

Add a multitude of plugins and tools to your short links … such as:

  • URL Rotator
  • Custom Plugins to add CPA offers, banners, images, optin forms, videos and most web properties
  • Link Jacker Autoresponder
  • Designer Drop-ins with optin forms
  • Optin bars (positioned at bottom of the page)
  • Peel Away Ads
  • Social Follow Me tabs
  • Viral Bars with social sharing options and ad placements
  • Exit Pop Ups with chat box, simple redirect or add videos, optin forms and HTML content to the pop up
  • Intelligent Navigation Bars these sit neatly at the top of the page and can contain links to ’face boxes’ containing CPA offers, videos, optin forms or HTML content or simply link to any page you wish
  • Dynamic links change the landing page on the fly without having to login
  • Pop Under, set pop under containing your affiliate and CPA offers pointing to any URL to activate on entry or activate on exit of the Link
  • GEO Targeting
  • GEO Tagging
  • Over 50 affiliate ‘CTA Presentersshort_links

Mobile Management …

  • Add mobile URLs so that should a visitor browse via a mobile device the link will auto redirect to the mobile page
  • Add mobile URLs for Facebook marketing. Great for linking to your Facebook pages as Facebook will auto redirect mobile to Timelines and avoid mobile visitors landing on your Facebook pages/tabs. Now you can dictate where your mobile traffic is sent and avoid default settings determined by Facebook

Management Features …

Organise and manage your short links with these time saving features …

  • Set to cloak, redirect or forward to any given URL
  • Organise by folders
  • View stats and conversions by folder
  • Dynamic linking (create new links on the fly)
  • Instant duplication of links (create multiple links with same settings)
  • Tool Sets (create sets of tools and then save for instant duplication across hundreds and even thousands of links)
  • Swap tools sets instant and dynamic across hundreds and even thousands of links

Also Included …

To help your links along the way with every BZ9 short links package we also include the ability to download our very comprehensive URL cloacking and redirect script ‘Link Cracker’ which runs on your own domains … for more details on Link Cracker please click here.

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