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A steady follow of eager, targeted clients to your website is essential … no traffic = no business … simple!

There are many ways in which Toxic SEO training tools help achieve a steady flow of targeted customers, from link building to tracking paid advertising … and to ensure you get maximum exposure to free search engine traffic, our SEO Checklists guide you with practical, step-by-step, ‘to do’ advice to help with website optimisation.

Your site not only has to be totally transparent to the search engines but have all the essential elements in place that the likes of Google look for.

The problem facing website owners is that these parameters keep changing as the search engines do battle with website owners. Google wants to offer quality search results … website owners want to be at the top of SERPs, no matter what the quality of their proposal!

And yet another issue is that each website is different and requires bespoke optimisation techniques be it a blog, an online shop or a corporate website. Each promotion requires a different set of optimisation parameters to drive clients that are actually interested in the proposition!

The Internet is full of SEO training & advice, good and bad on how best to optimise a website. Toxic SEO Checklist tool offers ready-made, trustworthy SEO training in the form of simple, practical checklists for a specific website, making the whole promotion process easy and understandable for everyone.

Choose a Specific SEO Training Checklist Depending on Your Goals

Toxic SEO Checklists report specific tasks that are categorised according to optimisation parameters:

  • Search Engine Optimization: This checklist offers suggestions as to best optimize websites’ visible content and improve websites’ core structures
  • Keyword Research: Build targeted keyword lists; keywords that your target audience actually searches with
  • Website Submission: Submit a fully optimized website to search engines and directories, articles to article directories and press-releases to the most popular distribution services
  • Link Building: Follow various link building strategy SEO training suggestions including one-way link building, link baiting, link exchange and social media link building gaining valuable backlinks and driving targeted traffic
  • Blogging Suggestions: Follow the blogging activity SEO Checklists in order to best promote your Blog
  • Social Networking Checklist: Highlighting effective social media promotion practices. The fully updated suggestions include promotion checklists on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Answers, Community News…
  • Paid Advertising Checklists: Toxic SEO training on PPC advertising, on-site and on-network advertising, mobile ads, affiliate marketing and email marketing. Features the main paid advertising channels when a marketing budget is available and how to maximise ROI.

Toxic SEO Training Checklists are frequently updated with trending advice and SEO training tips, adding essential promotion techniques as we find and test them. All the tasks are practical. We strip out all the unnecessary technical jargon and provide only the minimum information required to successfully complete an SEO task.

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Toxic SEO Tools Are Provided to Help Complete The Checklist Tasks

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Our most popular search engine optimization tools are those used for keyword research and selection, and for search engine optimization.

Toxic SEO Keyword Suggestion Tools recommends the most popular keywords which people use when they search for specified products or services similar to yours. The Toxic SEO Analysis reports on a website’s ‘Keyword Health’ by running an automated, thorough analysis of the keywords on all of the pages search engines consider important when assigning a rank for that keyword.

The SEO Training & Analysis Checklists collate crucial information used for efficient, site-wide SEO. You’ll find excellent suggestions on SEO tasks such as:

  • Keyword Population: Checking paramaters such as keyword density. Too many keywords and Google will think you’re trying to alter their rankings and will penalize a site for this, it’s called keyword stuffing and a big no, no!The SEO analyzer tool will also report which important areas on a page the keywords are missing from, no keywords means lower rankings.
  • Site Structure Optimisation: These days search engines are able to analyse the ‘architecture’ of a website penalising those that are badly constructed. Learn about the internal linking techniques that can be employed for better navigation and optimisation. Conduct a Website Audit. Understand the principles of a website visitor friendliness especially for humans!.
  • Search Engine Abuse: Ensue a website isn’t employing techniques considered ‘manipulative’ by the search engines and as a consequence being blacklisted.
  • Local SEO: Checklists will report strategies to dominate local search results if you have a local business.
  • Social Media Optimization  Specific steps to take that will get business information ready for social media. Discover the benefits of using the many social media channels in order to increase a websites’ popularity.
The SEO Training Search Engine Submission Checklists

The Submission Checklist, is a battle plan that ensures a website gets maximum exposure across web-based media. Follow the checklists, submit websites to suggested resources and checkmark the steps as they’re completed.

The Search Engine Submission tools are an invaluable source of information about sites where you can submit website profile data and other information that will help with link building such as:

  • Automated search engines and directories
  • Search engines requiring manual account creation
  • Web directories requiring manual account creation
  • Web-based Yellow Pages
  • Pay-for-placement directories
  • Local business directories
  • Shopping comparison engines
  • Article directories
  • Freeware & shareware download resources
  • Press release services
  • Affiliate directories
  • Blog directories
  • Blog communities
  • RSS directories
  • And more!
The SEO Training Link Building Checklists

The key to building a successful backlink campaign is that you successfully compete in link popularity with top ranked websites.

This is more complicated than one might think. It’s not simply a matter of having a large number of backlinks is – link quality is an even more important signal.

Important points to remember for SEO backlink building are:

  • Pages with a backlink needs to be related to the theme of your website and specifically the linking anchor text. When contacting a potential link partner ensure their pages are ‘on topic’
  • Sites pointing to your property should not use link spamming or ‘black hat’ techniques
  • A page that links to your site should have high Google PageRank, a measure of its authority
  • Do not acquire too many inbound links too quickly. Rapid growth of backlinks is unnatural and may alert Google to the possible use of a link spam technique
  • Try to build a healthy balance of both reciprocal and one-way links pointing at your site
  • Ensure diversity in the linking profile. Google looks for single backlinks from many different sites rather than the same number of links from one site.

Toxic SEO Training Helps You Find Linking Partners With Ease!

Link building becomes much easier if you have a detailed action plan. The Link Building Checklist features tried and tested link exchange strategies. Learn how to control and manage backlinks and track down partners that may be interested in a link exchange.

Try Link Baiting For MORE Backlinks

The SEO training offers creative ideas used successfully by web marketers to obtain backlinks. For instance Link Baits are a great incentive for people to link back. Adapt the ideas and suggestions for projects or be inspired to create your own link baits.

Use Social Media for Growing Links And as an Endorsement of Your Popularity

Social media provides another exciting opportunity to build backlinks. The Toxic SEO Link Building Checklist features useful tips on which social media is best suited for a particular link building campaign.

Use any, or a combination of these methods together with the search engine submission recommendations to build links the smart and efficient way.

These are just a few valuable suggestions from the checklists. Remember to use these rules when building links for your site!

Toxic SEO Training Checklists ensure your site is visible to search engines & humans! Ready-to-use SEO Checklists and SEO tools help you optimize and promote your site for performance. The tasks in the SEO training plans are presented as simple checklists giving assistance at every step of your SEO, link building and social media promotion campaign. 

Thanks to a strong system and a competitive price point, Toxic SEO is ideal for webmasters, business owners, marketers, stand-alone SEO specialists and even large marketing agencies!

Toxic SEO Training Checklists

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