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You Need a Presence on Multiple Search Engines & Directories

Is Search Engine Submission & Directory Submission Important?

You Can Bet Your Business it is!

Use Toxic SEO automatic search engine submission service to deliver your valuable content to multiple search engines and directories… 

Toxic SEO Search Engine Submission delivers your  content to where it’s seen…

These days the Internet is constantly changing and now it’s simply not viable to rely on the major search engines.

Businesses need to to have a search engine submission programme in place to submit content to numerous specialised, quality search engines and high reputation directories.

Website content submission is extremely important for two reasons:

  • Submission is an efficient way to tell search engines about your site or any changes
  • Submission to niche, quality directories is a FREE or inexpensive way to obtain valuable high PR backlinks

Toxic SEO Search Engine Submission service will submit all types of content to the relevant search engines at the click of a mouse…

Setting it up is simplicity itself!

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Log in: It’s just a matter of filling in your website title, description, keywords and categories, then your contact information … Press Submit and off it goes, automatically contacting search engines and directories submiting your relevant website information.

Once the script has run you will receive an online report with the name of each search engine or directory iconized with a ‘Success’ checkmark. In case of a failed submission, you will be prompted to resubmit to that particular domain.

You’re always in control and  easily able to manage your content submission strategy.

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Build Backlinks Using Toxic SEO Search Engine Submission Tool

It is accepted basic SEO good practice to regularly submit to search engines and directories. Most search engines, with Google in particular, highly valuing backlinks from authority (high PR) sites, which is why a well organised directory submission campaign is often used as a proven link building technique.

There are literally THOUSANDS of directories and search engines out there and hundreds of services that offer to blast out huge numbers of submissions however, only a select few quality directories and engines are worth dealing with. In fact, a backlink from some of the low reputation directories will not only be ignored, but could actually harm your rankings. The Toxic SEO directories, have been hand-picked by our research and development team and thoroughly vetted … only the directories that are valuable and have a positive impact are used.

Create & Submit Your Sitemap to The Major Engines

Google have published the fact that they now expect a quality site to publish a sitemap. The theory is that it not only makes Google’s job easier when indexing, but is helpful to humans too.

Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask and a number of other engines accept automatic Sitemap submissions. To have all of your important pages successfully listed, simply create a Sitemap with Toxic SEO Sitemap Generator right from the Search Engine Submission tool on the ‘Sitemap’ tab, click Submit, and automatically post it to the search engines that count.

Create a FREE Toxic SEO account and start submitting your content.

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Build Valuable Backlinks With Toxic SEO Site Submitter

Not only can you easily submit your sitemap to the major search engines and directories but you can build valuable backlinks by submitting news and articles too.


  • Urls to search engines
  • Sitemaps to major search engines
  • Articles to article directories
  • News to news syndication networks
  • Press releases to press release distribution services
  • Product & service information to shopping comparison engines
  • Product technical & description files to information download sites
  • Blogs to RSS feed directories
  • Blogs to search engines & directories
  • Blogs to blogger communities
  • Affiliate programs to affiliate program directories

Regular submission of your content is a PROVEN formula to increasing your site’s SERPs with relevant, one-way and keyword-optimized backlinks.

Submit your content and link building tasks regularly, then monitor the results, see how you’ve influenced your website visibility with Toxic SEO Rank Checker.

Toxic SEO. A smart approach to SEO and web promotion combining excellent functionality with an SEO training environment. Easy-to-follow SEO Roadmap, allows ANYONE to optimize websites and track results. Toxic SEO Online Search Engine Rank Checker monitors website rankings, competitors’ rankings, calculates a website’s visibility in search engines and allows application of smart filters to ranking reports. 

Thanks to a strong system and a competitive price point, Toxic SEO is ideal for webmasters, business owners, marketers, stand-alone SEO specialists and even large marketing agencies!

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