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What is a QR Code?
    • QR stands for ‘Quick Response’ and allow mobile phones to scan a QR Code to achieve an objective instead of having to manually type data into the phone.
    • QR codes make the process easy … and of course the easier you can make any required action for your visitors or readers the more conversions you will achieve.
    • QR codes are starting to appear every where, consumers and businesses are starting to recognize what a QR code is, so it’s becoming second nature to scan the code instead of doing something manually.
    • QR codes can be used on ANY physical item, from t-shirts to flyers and from mugs to mouse mats as well as any online mechanism such as webpages and emails.
    • The quicker you start to incorporate these into your marketing the quicker you will see a rise in your conversions…
    • A QR code is like a bar code but contains far more information like URLs, phone numbers and other important stuff. Scan a QR code instead of having to manually type data into the phone.
How to Create an Effective QR Code Campaign

… in other words how to increase participation and sales by using QR codes … To summarise:

    • QR codes work best when used in conjunction with deals and savings
    • Success from QR campaigns (when done correctly) can be high
    • Don’t make the mistake of leading clients directly to a non-optimized mobile page, make sure its a mobile webpage, obvious really but its amazing how many people over look this simple fact.
    • Programs offering clear instructions on using mobile bar codes can drive participation up by 500 to 800 percent.
    • Ensure the call-to-action is compelling… (ok an obvious one but a bit of extra time thinking this through should bring dividends)
    • At we offer excellent QR code services which integrate with any digital medium (including short codes) and these also work with the sought after 70000 short code.
    • Alternatively you can also create and save QR codes within your account and use these with short code and other third party short codes.
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