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This Is a Genuine Promotion Available Until 3rd December 2014

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50% Off Licence Fees & FREE Reseller Accounts

Until the 3rd December 2014 we’re halving the cost of BZ9 licence fees by doubling the length of current licences and we’re giving away reseller accounts worth $29.97 a month.

    • A 1 month licence is now extended to 2 months – $19.97 or equivalent of just $9.98 per month
    • A 3 month licence is now extended to 6 months – $44.93 or equivalent of just $7.48 per month
    • A 6 month licence is now extended to 12 months – $83.87 or equivalent of just $6.98 per month
    • A 12 month licence is now extended to 24 months – $143.74 or equivalent of just $5.98 per month
FREE Reseller licence worth $29.97 per month…

FREE Reseller licence worth $29.97 per month…

To qualify for a free reseller account, you simply need to take out a monthly subscription at the regular rate of $19.97 per month (see video) and we’ll include a free upgrade to reseller (worth an extra $29.97 a month) absolutely free of charge for a period of 3 months.

Why are we offering free reseller licences? We appreciate that when starting out the regular cost to become a reseller (even though we have one of the lowest rates you will find) may be a bit daunting, so by allowing 3 months to build your reseller business you will be well into profit by the time the 3 months expire.

Terms Of Free Reseller Accounts: This offer is for new reseller accounts only. After the 3 months you would be required to either subscribe to the regular reseller monthly fee of $29.97 per month or let the account lapse. Before the 3 months expire you may also request a review and on the basis that you are still building your reseller business, we will, at managements discretion, extend the free period or negotiate a realistic reseller fee until such time your reseller business has become profitable.

To make a start please login ‘ HERE ‘ … and then go to the ‘ Upgrade Options ‘ page.

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I can vouch 100% percent for the BZ9 service… the package is now so incredible I would not be without today … the team have added so much value … what they’ve developed is a total no brainer … Lastly the service is outstanding. Whenever I’ve had any questions support has come back super fast with answers to my queries.

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