Profit Spike :: Sales BUSTING Dropins

Amazing Designer Dropins Float into ANY Webpage With Your Optin Forms, Special & CPA Offers

Use Profit Spike to easily create eye-catching, attention-grabbing drop ins that slide into a webpage for MAXIMUIM exposure of an offer or newsletter opt in.

Take a look the examples.

Example 1: You’ll see we’ve added our optin forms to eBay so when we send people to this link we’ll enjoy the added trust that eBay delivers and people will see our Profit Spike proposition.

View Profit Spike Example

Example 2: This is one we added to Amazon in just a few minutes:

View Profit Spike Example


Profit Spike is a LEGAL and ETHICAL weapon for gaining a benefit from the traffic YOU send to a web page, ANY web page … this is a perfect win, win, win symbiotic relationship … YOU send traffic to sites with great content (they’re happy!), the visitor loves you for sharing the content (they’re happy!) and either joins your lists or takes a look at your offers … YOU”RE happy!

  • Add Profit Spike dropins to ANY webpage
  • Use as a short url (mega Urls)
  • Use as a Webmaster tool
  • Combine Profit Spike Drop ins with  Sales Dynamo to leverage sales

You can use the templates at BZ9 or create your own.  Notice that we’re dropping optins onto sites like eBay, Amazon and you can drop them on any site you link to, building lists and PROFITS!

Lots of designer styles to choose from ranging from ‘trial offers’ to ‘Twitter’ & ‘Facebook versions. Either add your optin form code or use to draw attention to special offers, benefits and promotions.

Tip: When linking to any relevant content grow your lists by adding Profit Spike Designer Dropin

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