Exit Terminator :: Killer Exit Pop Ups

Auto Create Stunning Exit Pop Ups That Sell, Sell, Sell!

Exit Terminator is relentless, it’s a machine that simply sells, sells, sells … tracking down those clients who have dared to leave without taking up your offer!

An exit pop up is a small script that triggers when someone goes to leave a webpage.  It’s an incredibly powerful tool that allows one more chance to offer a discount, CPA offer, or free gift for joining your newsletter.

See an Exit Terminator in action …

Example 1: This is a demonstration of how an Exit Terminator. As you’ll see it can present clients leaving your web property with a special offer. Note, they can opt to leave the page or view the offer.

View Exit Terminator

Used properly and combined with a good offer or last minute discount, Exit Terminator has been know to boost conversions by up to 100% (based on our own tests).

Example 2: Now see Exit Terminator converting traffic in the real world!

Here you will find a powerful sales page which is an alternative sales funnel for BZ9.  It’s called the VIP Marketing Lounge and is packed with BZ9 Weapons!

When you go to leave the page, Exit Terminator will trigger, click [STAY ON THIS PAGE] and you will see a discount offer video – Adding Exit Terminator to our sales page accounts for a significant percentage of ADDITIONAL sales that would simply not have occurred if we had not had the opportunity to present our discounted offer:

View Exit Terminator

Exit Terminator delivers killer blows that visitors simply cannot resist.

Start adding them to your webpages NOW to present:

  • Numerous Custom Options & Templates
  • Unique Instant Message Offers
  • Amazing Offers & Discounts
  • Optin Forms to Your Content Rich Newsletters
  • Irresistible Upsells
  • Loss Leader Offer
  • And ANYTHING Else You Can Think Of!

YES! You can even add Exit Terminator to BZ9 Mega Links! … Two versions to choose from. Love em or hate them, when used responsibly in a suitable environment, exit pop ups are UNBEATABLE.

Exit pop ups will always have a vital role to play and should form part of every marketer’s portfolio of tools.

Tip: Add Exit Terminator to any webpage and make a last minute, personalised loss leader offer; an offer so great customers simply can’t pass it up, even if that offer generates no revenue!

This technique ensures you end up with a pleased and happy customer who will now trust you a little and is more likely to buy in the future .. after all, if you’ve used your BZ9 weapons correctly, this client will now form part of your mailing lists…

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