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Astonishing, Sophisticated, Software Solution PROVENlinkc
To … Reach More Buyers … Convert MORE
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Protect Affiliate Commissions … INCREASE Your Brand Awareness …

The Essential Redirect And Cloaking Software Used By Thousands Of Affiliates & Business Owners…

Link Cracker (Personal)

Personal Licence: $14.95 (1 Install)

Link Cracker (Professional)

 Professional Licence: $29.95 (20 Installs)

Link Cracker (Reseller)

 Reseller Licence: $49.95 (Unlimited Installs)
Using YOUR Own Domain ‘Link Cracker’ Will…
    • Create redirect links using your domain
    • Create cloaking links using your domainlinkc
    • Create 301 redirects (tells the search engines its a permanent link and not a redirect)
    • Rotate multiple urls whilst cloaking or redirecting
    • Create ‘split tests’ for unlimited URLs or landing pages
    • Instantly swap from redirect to cloaked URL or visa versa
    • Track click throughs for each redirect or cloaking link you create
    • Reset tracking counter to zero
    • Reset tracking counter to any value
    • Instantly activate and deactivate links
    • Set default link so that deactivated links redirect to default link
    • Keep notes as reminder what link is used for
    • Make ugly links look ‘attractive’
    • Increase YOUR brand awareness and develop your domain as a trusted domain
    • Create multiple admins if you have staff or outsourcing
‘Link Cracker’ For Affiliate Marketing Will…
    • Set links to ‘expire’ so they redirect after a product closes for example after a product launchlinkc
    • Rotate different offers for split testing
    • Enable cookie tracking
    • Use ‘Stealth Tracking’ to bypass optin pages and link straight to the sales page yet still set your tracking cookie
    • Use ‘Stealth Tracking’ to link to ANY page on the sales website yet still set your tracking cookie
    • Make links more ‘clickable’
    • Create ‘click me’ keyword rich links (YourDomain.com/KeyWord)
    • Redirect to another offer once offer changes or is withdrawn
    • Organise and keep all marketing links within one easy online management interface
    • Make CPC display links look ‘authorative’
    • Get more emails delivered when you stop using spammy links like bitly and tinyurl
    • Create more click throughs and sales by using your own trusted domain

‘Link Cracker’ Is Simple To Install, Operate & Set-up …

Link Cracker offers two versions, MYSQL and Flat File.


The Flat File version will still have all other features with the exception of the above additional features. You will not need a database to set-up the Flat File version.The MYSQL version will include additional features such as click through tracking, increased security, multiple admins, url rotators and split tests, advanced links and will be able to cope with tens or hundreds of thousands of links.

Both are included within the low cost Link Cracker licence fees.

Both are easy to install, but the MYSQL version will require access to a database so you will need to know how to set up a database or have your hosting company set up a database for you.

We provide full documentation and video tutorials to assist with installation. To install Link Cracker all you require is FTP access to upload to your server/domain.

If you would like us to undertake the installation of Link Cracker for you this can be ordered at the point of download at just $25.

What Is Included With My Link Cracker Purchase?

    • You are purchasing a complete software solution which will include …linkc_smallest
    • The Link Cracker Software available for immediate download after purchase
    • Comprehensive documentation and video tutorials to assist with installation and set up
    • Password protected back office to manage your Link Cracker licences
    • Help and support if required

Will I Need To Purchase Anything Else?


Apart from hosting and a domain name you will not need to purchase anything else to start using Link Cracker Redirect And Cloaking Software.

Link Cracker is a comprehensive stand alone software solution.

Once Link Cracker is installed it is ready to start working for you.

Please note system requirements shown below.

Link Cracker Licencing

    • Personal Licence – install Link Cracker on one domain you ownlinkc_smallest
    • Professional Licence – install Link Cracker on 20 domains you own
    • Reseller Licence – install Link Cracker on unlimited domains you own and those of your clients.
    • NOTE #1: The reseller licence DOES NOT include the option to sell Link Cracker. With the Reseller Licence you may include Link Cracker as part of a service you may be providing to your clients.
    • NOTE #2: Link Cracker is not to be given away under any circumstances.

System Requirements…

    To start using Link Cracker Redirect And Cloaking Software you will require the following. Note that most standard hosting services such as Hostgator should offer the requirements shown below, however, if in doubt please check with your hosting provider before purchasing.

    • Server/Hosting
    • Apache 2.x.x
    • PHP 5.2.0 or newer
    • PHP curl extension
    • Optional Database
    • MySQL 4.1.20 or newer
    • InnoDB storage engine
    • Web Browser
    • Web Browser with Javascript enabled

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