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I can vouch 100% percent for the BZ9 service… the package is now so incredible I would not be without today … the team have added so much value … what they’ve developed is a total no brainer … Lastly the service is outstanding. Whenever I’ve had any questions support has come back super fast with answers to my queries.

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Truly excellent WSO and amazing value for money.

I took the OTO and the suite of tools on offer and the very “user-friendly” pricing is outstanding. The core product “Link Jacker” is excellent and should be a part of all marketers arsenals. Done and dusted.

The tools available in the upgraded membersup level are outstanding. Includes a lot of bits and pieces that aren’t even mentioned in the sales page, so lots of goodies and lots of value there. Well worth the money.

This is what WSOs should be like. Real special offers on products already available outside of the WF for much higher prices. All too often you see WSOs for products which are only available on WF and which will be “released soon on Clickbank for a gazzilion dollars”. Hogwash…..

Link Jacker is a real WSO. So good it could be a Hamlet advert.

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Outstanding value for money.

SERIOUSLY, “You Guys Have Priced This Too Low”. Raise your prices now before the masses get in and kills the linkjacker goose that lays golden eggs. Even at $99.00 i would have purchased this for what it can do. I am deadly serious. This should at least start out as 70.00 for what it can do which is substantially more than most coded to perform this level of functionality.

I think warriors recognize both VALUE and QUALITY when they see it and would gladly pay the higher price so that the revenue generating system, whatever it may be, will have longevity in the marketplace and not get shut down within months of purchase because the marketplace is flooded with the technique. Just my humble opinion. Raise your prices and limit your copies of Linkjacker.

I have bought WP plugins that don’t have ANYWHERE NEAR THIS LEVEL OF CODED COMPETENCY for revenue generation and paid substantially more than what you guys are charging for “LinKJacker which by the way is One Awesome Tool”.

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I’ll admit I’m a big-time tool-junkie and I’m very easily distracted by bright shiny objects. But the positive side of that is that I’ve seen it all. I’m not easily impressed (after this 10 years or so on the web) and I know ‘revolutionary’ when I see it. LinkJacker and bz9 are…revolutionary.

I’ve actually had LinkJacker for a little over a week now plus I bought the suite of tools from which LinkJacker spawns. Lemme tell’ya bro….! I’ve never seen anything like LinkJacker or bz9 anywhere, anyhow or anywho…it’s that REMARKABLE.

And to top it all off, their training and trainer(s) are as good as anybody I’ve ever heard and better than 99% of them. As the English say, it’s, “Spot-on!”

Regards, Art

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I have been a subscriber to the BZ9/VIP Suite for almost 2 years and I have been amazed at the new features being added almost weekly. This WSO is a no brainer, simply because of the cool tools you get at your disposal right now. The link jacking functionality works great, I used it last month for an article for my cellular phone niche that got me a whole bunch of traffic!

I recommend this (I did not get a review copy… I am an actual paying customer) to anyone who uses the social networks, blogs and affiliate programs.


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