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Important Question: Do You Want a Successful Link Building Campaign?

Simple Answer: Watch the Buzz!

Toxic SEO Buzz Tracker flys around the web monitoring hundreds of thousands of blogs, discussion forums, social networks, microblogs, bookmarks etc for a chosen keyword … once alerted, simply add your backlinks 

Toxic SEO Buzz Tracker: Build Your Backlink Profile…

To successfully compete on popular keywords in the major search engines your website needs be seen as an ‘authority’, a site with lots of original content and lots of references from others sites pointing to you.

The search engines have focused on ‘one-way’ links from other ‘authority’ websites as a major indicator and proof that you offer quality services. Every backlink is effectively a vote of confidence.  No link building strategy … no votes!

A website owner MUST have a sustained and relentless link building programme in place creating a network of quality backlinks as part of their daily schedule.

The quality and quantity of these links are know as a website’s Backlink Profile. A good Backlink Profile enjoys links that are:

  • Mostly one-way (from them to you)
  • Coming from multiple, high PR domains
  • Coming from sites in your marketplace
  • Coming from established and reputable sources

A high quality link building campaign is essential however, building a diverse ‘authority-proving’ Backlink Profile is a very tough task and a business owner needs an advantage…

That advantage? Toxic SEO Link Building tool – Buzz Tracker

Buzz Tracker relentlessly scours the web for your most valuable keywords monitoring thousands and thousands of forums, blogs, microblogs, social networks, bookmarks and other community driven sites. Once these domains are identified you pop over and join in the conversation, add a comment, post an answer and of course, add your link!

Build Valuable Backlinks With Toxic SEO Buzz Tracker

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Setting it up is simplicity itself!

Log in: Open Buzz Tracker and run a report to view how many discussions with your targeted keywords & phrases have been found (you’ll find a number under the words ‘Buzz’ in the Active Tasks on the ‘All Projects’ screen). Click the number to load a report detailing snapshots and links directly to the Buzz websites.

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Manage Your Online Reputation With Buzz Tracker

Toxic SEO Buzz Tracker is your primary link building companion enabling you to track down and participate in highly relevant conversations. Join in, add your relevant content, something that is ‘on topic’ and you’ll engage with readers cultivating discussion. This is exactly what Google loves and the best part? You get to post a high quality link to your site directly or in a signature.

Buzz Tracker is invaluable when promoting your site, specifically in social media marketing campaigns.

It’s sooooooo simple!

Enter the company name, keyword, brand names you want to track and set Buzz Tracker buzzing. It’ll even monitor your reputation as a publisher. The Toxic SEO Social Media Tracker and reputation management tool enables you to analyse the incoming feeds and interact with what people are writing about you!

Use Buzz Tracker in combination with Toxic SEOs other link building and management tools, Search Engine Submission Services and Partner Link Management. Buzz Tracker will become a treasured weapon in your link building efforts and social media marketing campaigns.

Toxic SEO includes a feature-rich suite of web promotion, link building and SEO tools. Buzz Tracker alerts of specific keywords, brands and companies on social networks, blogs, microblogs, discussion forums, bookmarks, articles and marketplace content that can be linked back from. 

Thanks to a strong system and a competitive price point, Toxic SEO is ideal for webmasters, business owners, marketers, stand-alone SEO specialists and even large marketing agencies!

Toxic SEO Buzz Tracker

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