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if you’re not targeting the right keywords you’re throwing away your advertising budget  

It’s a MISTAKE made by millions of business owners to ‘assume’ they KNOW the right keywords to target for their marketplace. They start selecting words and phrases by simply guessing, without comparing keywords to those that people actually search for on the popular engines or by choosing words that are super competitive.

Toxic SEO offers an excellent tool based on the Google AdWords Tool and Traffic Estimator. The Online Keyword Suggestion Tool suggests and analyses the popularity of words and phrases related to a specific industry.

Toxic SEO Keyword Tool provides the answers!

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Build & Target The Best Keywords & Key Phrases For Your Niche!

Toxic SEO Keyword Tool provides two superb sources of words and phrases:

  • Get Suggestions: Enter single key phrases to start the comprehensive keyword research. Get combinations and related phrases for your target keyword that millions of Google users actually search for
  • Spy on Competitors: Based on an analysis of competitor website’s content. Simply specify your competitor’s URL and the application will report the keywords they are targeting and provide the Google search volume, AdWords bid competition and Google search trends statistics.

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Toxic SEO enables you to use ‘tags’ to group key phrases and words together, making it easier to view when working with projects. You may need to use selected words many times in different Toxic tools to check rankings or to create an SEO analysis report.

The Tags build groups for faster Website Audits and SEO Rank Checker tool configuration. Enter the words and key phrases once and just select the required tag to show a list then simply check the keywords you need.

Find the most relevant and accessible keywords. With an SEO roadmap on hand and the keyword suggestion tool, it’s sooooooo easy 

Thanks to a strong system and a competitive price point, Toxic SEO is ideal for webmasters, business owners, marketers, stand-alone SEO specialists and even large marketing agencies!

Toxic SEO Keyword Suggestion Tool

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