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What’s Included With DesignIT? … 

    • Currently 12 Desktop Applications  For Proven Image Creation, Design & Manipulation
    • Tutorial Videos  where needed
    • Tutorials with screen shots & animated instructions
    • Help & Support – support desk & skype
    • Additional software – resources for image creation
    ImageCAM … Record Animated Images (PC & MAC) 
    • ImageCAM :: Record animated images for multiple purposes from buttons to tutorials. You may think animated images are purely for small images, buttons and arrows etc. If you do then I have to say that you are WRONG. You can actually use animated images for a multitude of different scenarios. We use them for tutorial and demonstrations … you can even use animated images as part of your G+ page, for both the cover AND for your posts! 


    Color Chooser … (PC ONLY)
    • Color Chooser :: Identify and pick colors literally any where on your PC, it’s not restricted to web browsers and it’s fast and efficient. Color Chooser will also (A) Give you a color pallet for locating color codes you may not be aware of (B) Inverts the chosen color (C) Option to always have Color Chooser ‘on top’ for quick and easy access when working on projects which need several colors codes identifying (D) You can even configure your RGB color codes (if you are a real techie that is). So now when you want to create a page, same color as Facebook you’ll have the exact color match.


    Create Flashing Animated CTA Buttons … (PC ONLY)
    • Flashing Animated CTA Buttons ::  Create any type of flashing animated ‘call to action’ button such as ‘Click Here To Download’ or Click Here To Buy Now’ etc.  Check this example:


    • You can add any number of PNG button images or screen shots into the application … in fact you can create any size flashing, animated images, its not only for CTA buttons … then let it churn out your animated GIFs in a fraction of a second. Included is a portfolio of blank buttons ready to create your specific ‘call to action’ for increased CTRs, optins and of course sales!


    Convert & Resize Images … (PC ONLY)
    • Image Convert & Resize :: Powerful yet simple … resize your images and convert to another file type in one simple action. Resize and convert from and to GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF & BMP. Technically speaking you should not convert images just by changing the file ending … so here’s a great desktop application which is simple to use and a fast way to correctly convert & Resize Images.


    Notepad (PC & MAC)

    • Notepad :: Great, simple and fast route to making code edits and changes. You can forget Microsoft s Notepad, this is written in C++ and uses pure Win32 API and STL which ensures a higher execution speed and smaller program size.


    Add Watermarks (PC ONLY)
    • WatermarkIT :: BZ9′s Image Watermark Software is a super easy to use application which adds watermarks anywhere on the image with option of text or image watermarks. Designed primarily for adding watermarks to multiple images but works great for single images as well.


    Add More Watermarks (PC & MAC) 
    • Image Watermark :: During the development of the WatermarkIT application we became aware of this comprehensive desktop software which will watermark an image and act as a great image editor. It’s open source software so we took the decision to include as a great resource.


    Auto Screen Capture (PC ONLY) 
    • Auto Screen Capture :: Originally programmed for taking auto screen shots of our playing videos, this amazing application can schedule to take multiple sets of automated screen shots. Not only will it automate the screen shot taking process but it will also take screen shots from up to 4 open windows. For example you could take auto screen shots of a playing video in one and your own work taking place within another window … 100% on auto pilot!


    Fancy Screen Capture Plus Image Editor (PC ONLY) 
    • HS Screen Capture & Image Editor :: Real cool screen capture application which also has a simple yet sophisticated image editor. Try the freehand screen capture, grab virtually any shaped image … most of the screen shots on this page have been achieved with this unique application. Check the sample below, this was done without any image manipulation, it was done purely with this fantastic screen capture application.


    Countdown Timers (PC & MAC) 
    • Countdown Timers may not be anything new but time, split testing and the results have shown countdown timers to be just as effective as they have always been. So no changes there! But can you EASILY create a countdown timer in literally seconds, as an image to be used across multiple web properties where scripts and plugins may not exist? Even social media? Like this? (this example is counting down to Xmas 2014, note how it even detects your time zone)

    • The Classics :: This is our online service we have delivered for at least the last 5 or 6 years (hard to remember when it was developed) but time has not diminished the effectiveness of these timeless classics.  This is hosted for you so all you do is tick the box according to whether you want to create a Headline graphic, a Buy Now button, a Belcher Button or a Guarantee of service or refund graphic. Simple.


    GIMP (PC & MAC) 
    • GIMP :: Dare I say this comprehensive image editor has been created to rival PhotoShop? Perhaps I’m pushing it a bit by saying this, but if you don’t have the learning capacity or the hefty budget then GIMP is for you. Although a great piece of software it’s still a rather large application and won’t do many of the tasks our desktop applications have been designed to do. Note that Gimp has been included purely as a resource as many of our customers may not be aware of Gimp.


    Desktop Ruler (PC ONLY)
    • Desktop Ruler :: How many times do you struggle to find the image size you need to fit the header or any space within your webpages? You no longer need to struggle as our easy to use desktop ruler will quickly give you a pixel accurate size for both horizontal and vertical measurements.


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