4 November 2014
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WordPress Website Builder

Welcome to Webdog … the ultimate Wordpress Website Builder Welcome to webdog … The internet’s only hosted website builder which leverages the enormous power of WordPress so that you can easily and instantly build professional websites, eCommerce shopping sites, online courses and tuition sites, hobby sites, blogging sites and … Well … Literally any site you […]

11 September 2014
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WordPress Website Builder

I’m seeking just 2 to 5 people who want to beta test a brand new platform we’ve built from the ground up. The platform builds websites like no other … whilst website builders may not be anything new, even the big players have opted to build their own propriety systems, which on the face of […]

10 April 2014
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9 Helpful WordPress Plugins … You Can Download Today

Running your own WordPress website can entail quite a bit of work. But of course it would be a lot more work if we didn’t have great time, cost and aggravation saving WordPress Plugins … but how do you get to find the plugins which best suit your needs? It’s easy to find about the […]

9 April 2014
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Animated CTA Buttons

Here’s a great way to add some unique animated CTA buttons to your WordPress websites. This is a WordPress plugin which makes it really easy to add animated buttons which I can guarantee you will not have experienced any where before. Check the example animated buttons below … to download the plugin click on any of […]

21 March 2014
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Great Tip For Organising Blog Posts …

I recently discovered a fantastic WordPress plugin which helps with organising blog posts … and when I say fantastic, I really mean it,  I now wonder how I ever got by without it! It’s been downloaded 400,000 times so it’s not just me who values the way it’s organising blog posts! Plus its a free WordPress […]

19 March 2014
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How To Optimize WordPress Images

Do you Optimize WordPress Images … or do you skip this very important step? Its sometimes too easy to upload your images to your WordPress blog and in the rush overlook the important fact that these should be optimized for the search essentials, especially Google images! And it only takes a few seconds top get it […]

12 March 2014
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How to Convert & Resize Images …

Technically speaking you should not convert images just by changing the file ending … so here’s a great desktop application which is simple to use and a fast way to correctly convert & Resize Images. When I say change the file ending I should first of all clarify what I mean … Lets assume we […]

10 March 2014
BZ9 Blog
Word Press
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Creating WordPress Sites Is Easy …

We have been asked a  few times by customers who use BZ9 WordPress services as to how to create additional WordPress sites. The following video is available as part of the 40 or so video tutorials we have within the WordPress hosting accounts, but for ease of reference it has been duplicated here for you. […]

3 March 2014
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When Aweber & GetResponse Go Down Due To A DDOS Attack … You Don’t Have To!

If you are a GetResponse or Aweber client your business will be suffering the direct affects of the recent and ongoing DDOS attack aimed at both autoresponder services. Even if you use another autoresponder service please read on as this post also contains a business saving solution whichever service you may be using, and not […]

25 February 2014
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User Friendly Countdown Timer …

Countdown timers may not be anything new but time, split testing and the results have shown countdown timers to be just as effective as they have always been. So no changes there! But can you EASILY create a countdown timer in literally seconds, as an image to be used across multiple webpages, blogs and even social […]

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