12 December 2013
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URL Rotator – Rotate Unlimited URLs

What is a URL rotator? A URL rotator will, when clicked … methodically rotate through a given set of URLs whilst only using one link. By creating one BZ9 short link you can add an unlimited number of other URLs and every time the BZ9 short link is clicked it will redirect to the next URL associated […]

MORE, New Short Links Features …

We’ve added more new features BZ9 short links as follows … We’ve added two extra links to the ‘My Short Links’ section of the navigation bar. These aren’t new services or features but existing short links pages, we’ve just pulled these altogether to make them easier to access.   When you now enter your Statistics section […]

New Features Added To Short Links …

This update focuses on the BZ9 short links … and you can expect to see more updates along these lines as we update the reporting and functionality for our short links to speed up your daily work load and improve reporting so that you know exactly what is going on within your marketing. Prepare  To […]

18 October 2013
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SERVICE UPDATE :: View Short Link Statistics By ‘Folder’ …

Friday is here again… but before you part to enjoy the weekend please spare a couple of minutes to check what has been updated for you at BZ9 to make your marketing life … easier! We have added the ability for you to view short link statistics by ‘folder’. Although the organising of your short […]

Page Blackout

This week we introduced the ability to add a ‘Page Blackout’ to BZ9 short links … Whilst the Page Blackout idea is nothing new it really does open up the possibilities and effectiveness of our affiliate marketing campaigns, especially for when using affiliate short links. Please read on as I have also included examples for your […]

How To Create BZ9 Dynamic Links …

If you are using BZ9 short links or our very popular package known as Link Jacker, its very important that you get to know how the ‘Dynamic Links’ feature of your account works as it will save you many hours of setting up links. The Dynamic Links features allows you to set up new links […]

What Is Geo Targeting & Why Should We Geo Target Our marketing?

What Is Geo Targeting? … Very simply …Geo Targeting is the ability for us (as marketers) to deliver specific content (pure content and landing pages) to our target audience based on the visitor’s location. Why would we want to Geo Target our marketing? Because within this global market place, products and services are not always […]

11 October 2012
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Easily Create Unique, Powerful ‘Link Jacker’ Links ‘On The Fly’ Containing YOUR CPA, Affiliate Offers And List Building Tools.

We have now added a very powerful and easy to use feature called Link Jacker ‘dynamic links’. Easily create unique, powerful ‘Link Jacker’ links ‘on the fly’ containing your CPA, affiliate offers and list building tools. Please check the video for full details, further tutorial videos are available once you login to your account… You […]

24 September 2012
Link Jacker
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Link Jacker Tracks Your Performance as Well … Proof!

Today I have a new video to give you a glimpse of how ‘Link Jacker’ tracks your performance to show click throughs and how and where the traffic is coming from. It’s a training video for ‘LJ’ clients but whilst creating the video I have also taken the opportunity to show how a demo link […]

10 September 2012
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The Copy & Paste System

You’ve Kept Me VERY Busy On A Sunday… My email to you yesterday caught me on the hop, I didn’t realise it was going to create such interest. Any ways to make sure you have enough support materials for the ‘copy and paste’ system I have spent the day preparing 5 new videos taking you […]

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