11 July 2013
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Easy Video Creation Software … Now Anyone Can Create Professional Sales Videos!

Last week I created a post demonstrating how to obtain free Power Point and some easy video creation software which included 3 excellent video templates so that you had everything you need to create professional videos without the usual technical barriers. The post was greeted with a lot of enthusiasm, but left two areas still in […]

10 July 2013
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Don’t Buy Expensive Software … Use These Free Image Editing Tools …

After working online for over 10 years I must admit to sometimes taking things a little for granted. For example … whilst supporting our customers to get over their technical issues we may request they send us a screen shot to represent what they are seeing. A simple task you may think but not always, we […]

‘Viewbix’ Offers Many More Features At A Much Lower Cost Than ‘PostMagic’ For Posting Videos To Facebook …

I’ve created this post to highlight the benefits of posting videos to facebook using ‘Viewbix‘ and I was prompted to do so because of a recent launch for a product called ‘PostMagic‘. Whilst ‘PostMagic‘ is indeed a great product the relatively small number of features available within ‘PostMagic’ are already included with ‘Viewbix‘ and are available for […]

3 July 2013
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30 Day Free PowerPoint Trial …

Video production is not always an easy task … you need the right tools. Over the years I’ve created hundreds of videos, but you can look at the ones from way back in 2005 and compare to the ones I’m now creating and see a massive difference … and I’m no professional. I put this […]

25 June 2013
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Should You Bid On CPC or CPM?

[maxbutton id=”19″] The recent ability for Facebook advertisers to directly target and pinpoint facebook users according to their UID (Facebook user ID) could have created a new stampede of both novice and experienced advertisers back to Facebook. I have to admit to being one of these … After all where else can you access such […]

14 May 2013
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6 Essential WordPress Security Tips

Having too many Word Press plugins or outdated versions of your Word Press plugins can drastically affect your site’s performance and security. Here are our 6 Essential WordPress Security Tips to help ensure your site stays secure and performs at peak performance … Like to avoid security and back up issues? Check out our popular Word […]

11 May 2013
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How To INSTANTLY Turn Landing Pages Into Mobile Web Pages …

You can now turn BZ9 landing pages into instant ‘mobile websites’ with just 3 clicks of your mouse. Click #1 & #2: Whilst in edit mode for your chosen landing page, click on ‘Website Settings’ bottom left hand corner, then click on ‘Mobile Settings’: Click #3:  On the next screen choose from the drop down menu, the […]

10 May 2013
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Three Techniques For Standing Out In A Highly Competitive Niche …

Don’t become a victim of  ‘Me Too Marketing’ … Marketing in a highly competitive niche can be difficult as pressure mounts to stand out amongst your competitors. Unless you adopt a strategy to make you stand out you will inevitably fall in to the trap of ‘me too marketing’ … Doing what every other marketer is franticly […]

7 May 2013
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Banner Blindness Is A Conscious & Subconscious Online Phenomenon …

Your business may be suffering from banner blindness … so what is banner blindness and how can you cure this illness? Banner blindness is an online phenomenon where visitors to a website consciously or subconsciously ignore banner-like information, which can also be called ad blindness. The term “banner blindness” was coined by Benway and Lane as a […]

22 April 2013
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WARNING: Beware Of Using Tinyurl, Bitly, Owly & EVEN goo.gl

If you’ve been following my blog posts you will be aware that I have highlighted the pit falls of using free short url services on several occasions. So it was inspiring to see that Aweber have also posted advice on the same subject, i.e poor delivery rates when using Tinyurl, Bitly, Owly & EVEN goo.gl […]

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