13 September 2013
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SERVICE UPDATE + More Than 10 Exciting CTA Presenters Added …

Its been a busy week again … lots of work has gone into the CTA presenters, check the specific links to examples below, …  BZ9 CTA presenters reach the parts others simply cannot reach. And above all take a look at the Facebook presenters, there may only be two right now but use these to give […]

7 September 2013
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Create Professional Videos With A Virtual Front Man …

Yesterday I found another great professional video production tool. Video is so hot now, as far as I am concerned the more professional your production is the more you will engage your audience … which will of course lead to increased conversions. You can check the video example below, it doesn’t have any audio, but […]

7 September 2013
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Alexa Traffic Rank

I don’t know about you, but I constantly use the Alexa Traffic Rank service to keep an eye on both our own traffic trends and to keep an eye the traffic trends of competitors and to gage how popular a site is before doing business if traffic volume is  a useful indicator. However, to my […]

31 August 2013
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SERVICE UPDATE + Interesting Hashtag Tip (Thanks Glynn)

I know its the weekend so I will try not to take up too much of time, it’s difficult as I have so much much to tell you! But if you don’t have time right now please make sure you pop back as you might miss an important new feature, update or tip … Firstly, […]

Run Facebook Competitions Without 3rd Party Applications …

As of yesterday (Tuesday 27th August) you can now run pretty much any type of  Facebook competitions directly on your Facebook pages … which indirectly means your competitions can now be viewed (and entered) right within your fans news feed. This is good news and well worth a test as no longer are there cost […]

Follow These Instructions For Adding Powerful Presenters To Your Affiliate Exit Pop Up!

You no longer have to settle for using lifeless Affiliate Exit Pop Up (s), you can now bring life to your exit pop ups with a clear and decisive call to action using our CTA Presenters. EXAMPLE: Please click here to view an example Affiliate Exit Pop Up, however, the current presenter located on the […]

Generating CTA Presenter Embed Codes & Using The Dashboard …

The following video will guide you on using the various options available via the CTA Presenter dashboard  so that you may then add to your websites, blogs, Word Press installations, short urls and Facebook Fanpages.  

Content For Your Facebook Posts …

If you’re receiving updates on our Facebook posts you may have noticed more posts just lately employing our Link Jacker system. If you haven’t … then check them out on our Facebook page as what I am proposing or reminding you of … is that you can copy our content, thats not a problem at […]

How To Create BZ9 Dynamic Links …

If you are using BZ9 short links or our very popular package known as Link Jacker, its very important that you get to know how the ‘Dynamic Links’ feature of your account works as it will save you many hours of setting up links. The Dynamic Links features allows you to set up new links […]

16 August 2013
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Bookmark This Valuable Resource For Free Graphics And Images!

Having been online for a long time now I find it quite interesting that having built many websites we recently received legal paper work from Getty Images requesting that we pay over $1,200 for a rather bland image some one placed on one of our websites more than 8 years ago! The site was built […]

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