10 April 2014
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9 Helpful WordPress Plugins … You Can Download Today

Running your own WordPress website can entail quite a bit of work. But of course it would be a lot more work if we didn’t have great time, cost and aggravation saving WordPress Plugins … but how do you get to find the plugins which best suit your needs? It’s easy to find about the […]

9 April 2014
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Animated CTA Buttons

Here’s a great way to add some unique animated CTA buttons to your WordPress websites. This is a WordPress plugin which makes it really easy to add animated buttons which I can guarantee you will not have experienced any where before. Check the example animated buttons below … to download the plugin click on any of […]

8 April 2014
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Try This Alternative Autoresponder Service …

Whilst you may be happy with your current autoresponder there are several very strong and important reasons why you should at least consider this Alternative Autoresponder Service … Firstly … there are the cost savings .. the Alternative Autoresponder Service I am going to introduce you to will cost nothing apart from the very small initial cost […]

4 April 2014
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ABC Guide To Personal Branding

When looking for a job or looking to contract for a company, you can expect your prospective targets to check your Personal Branding and look you up on Google. People want to get an idea of your work and your personality before engaging with you … Or buying your product. So how do you make […]

4 April 2014
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How to Get Your Reader’s Attention

How to Get Your Reader’s Attention … highly informative info graphic … Whether it’s the first or the billionth blog post you’ve ever written, blogging can sometimes feel like you’re shouting in a crowded arena. No matter how loud you scream, you feel drowned out by the crowd. You want people to find, engage, and […]

3 April 2014
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Valuable Teespring Resources

With all the interest and activity in t-shirt sales via TeeSpring.com I thought now might be  a good time to post some great free & paid Teespring resources. Having experimented with TeeSpring.com … along the way I have found some great Teespring Resources from free desktop and web based applications through to some very sophisticated tools […]

26 March 2014
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How To Create A ‘PayPal’ Style Full Screen Video Page …

Don’t you just love PayPal’s great looking FULL SCREEN Video Page? I have always liked this style, hopefully we’ll adopt something like this for the index page of BZ9 at some point very soon. Before PayPal took on this style I always wondered why, with all their resources and money PayPal would have such a […]

21 March 2014
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Great Tip For Organising Blog Posts …

I recently discovered a fantastic WordPress plugin which helps with organising blog posts … and when I say fantastic, I really mean it,  I now wonder how I ever got by without it! It’s been downloaded 400,000 times so it’s not just me who values the way it’s organising blog posts! Plus its a free WordPress […]

20 March 2014
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Richard Branson’s Top 10 Tips For Business Success

As one of the most successful business men in the World Richard Branson should certainly know a thing or two about business. He founded and still owns some the world’s top brands … ever heard of ‘Virgin’? So with the help of the BBC here are Richard Branson’s Top 10 Tips For Business Success … […]

19 March 2014
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How To Optimize WordPress Images

Do you Optimize WordPress Images … or do you skip this very important step? Its sometimes too easy to upload your images to your WordPress blog and in the rush overlook the important fact that these should be optimized for the search essentials, especially Google images! And it only takes a few seconds top get it […]

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