13 November 2012
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The Greatest Affiliate System In History!

If you’re into affiliate marketing plus you like to target internet marketing products Rod Beckwith has The Greatest Affiliate System. Rod has released his proven affiliate system via the Warrior Forum. As an affiliate marketer, I have to check these things out of course, so I duly purchased my licence to see what its all about. Once I started downloading the […]

9 November 2012
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This Image Created Over 138,000 Comments On Facebook … Feel Free To Copy it!

Try using the following image, it went viral for us on Facebook creating: 138,338 comments 7,708 Shares 2,902,209 views  Despite all the Comments On Facebook the best of all on some days over 5,000 clicks to any page we directed the traffic to. You can verify the results via the link below, and the daily traffic where we received over […]

8 November 2012
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Why do I think Clickbank Risk Management is Unfair?

Having logged in to one of our Clickbank accounts I was some what surprised to see that Clickbank are introducing a new ‘Clickbank Risk Management’ program to all accounts on Clickbank. On the one hand it does not surprise me at all, having been with Clickbank for over ten years I was always amazed at […]

7 November 2012
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‘Link Cracker’ Is A Sophisticated, Feature Rich, URL Redirect And Cloaking Script Which Installs And Operates From YOUR Very Own Domain…

What is ‘Link Cracker’? Please don’t confuse ‘Link Cracker’ with the popular ‘Link Jacker‘ … whilst the name may be very similar they serve two very distinct services. ‘Link Cracker’ is a sophisticated, feature rich, URL redirect and cloaking script which installs and operates from your very own domain… Using YOUR own domain ‘Link Cracker’ will… […]

2 November 2012
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We have this week added 2 MAJOR benefits to the ‘custom dropins’ and ‘designer dropins’ tools…

We have this week added 2 MAJOR benefits to the ‘custom dropin’ and ‘designer dropin’ tools… With the 2 new features you can now: > Cause the custom or designer dropin to display at any time on entry to the webpage or short url > Display the dropin a SECOND time as the visitor goes […]

15 October 2012
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Laying The Foundations For A Thriving Online Business -Tip #1: Blog Comments

How to use blog comments to market your business online… There are lots of ways to lay solid foundations to ensure the growth of your online business … which don’t involve any cost. Over the coming weeks I will cover many different ways to leverage powerful easy marketing opportunities which all too often get forgotten […]

1 October 2012
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How To Develop An Online Business With 50 Free Resources

Here are some great ways showing you how to develop an online business with 50 free downloadable resources. I have compiled the list over time to give you a broad, wide reaching free resource to help develop an online business. They will each vary as to content, so a quick scan of the post should enable you to locate the resource suitable the area of […]

16 September 2012
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How to Grow Your Mobile Presence

The whole online world is going mobile and if you don’t your business does not want to be left behind! It’s imperative that you make sure your site can be viewed on mobile devices by creating a responsive design or a mobile optimized version of your site. You can do this through BZ9 GoMo. You also need […]

15 September 2012
Internet Marketing
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Word Press is a victim of its own success

On first reading, the above subject may sound a bit odd. After all, how could one of the World’s top products be a victim? This is unfortunately a side effect of being successful, especially on the Internet … the hackers and spammers of this world know that with millions and millions of installations of Word […]

15 September 2012
Internet Marketing
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Reading The Mind Of YOUR Market…

When developing a product or service, it must be assumed that you’ve done your homework. At this point, you should have determined what people are searching for, what thoughts they have when they are searching, and the many ways in which they think while searching. But if you think that’s it, you’re dead wrong. Lucky […]

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