21 December 2012
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Happy Xmas … What Affiliate Tool Can We Build For You?

First of all I want to wish you and your family a very happy Xmas from all of us at BZ9… Xmas is almost upon us, and as you slowly but surely switch off and allow things to slow down ready for Xmas your thoughts may not be about doing business right now, right this […]

15 December 2012
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What Is A Belcher Button?

Sometimes as we run around trying to maintain our hectic lifestyles its easy to over look some of the most basic things. And if you run an online business which relies on making sales you will know just how critical minor changes made to sales pages are to keeping your head above water. So despite the fact I may have known […]

14 December 2012
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Word Press Is Now The All Encompassing Online Business Building System…

Word Press was once just a simple blogging platform … but that many years ago. Word Press is now the all encompassing online business building system. From landing pages to eCommerce and from blogs to sophisticated plugins, if word Press can’t do it … then its not worth doing! The benefits of using Word Press are endless, […]

Life Before & After Video Jacker…

Life before Video Jacker was generally a hum drum existence … poor sales, no leads, no calls from customers, a handful of newsletter subscribers, customers couldn’t find us, they had no idea about our product range and above all they loved our video but had no idea of how to contact us or buy our products. Those were sad, […]

3 December 2012
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Advanced Video Posting To Facebook Groups …

The video below will demonstrate how you can use ‘Video Jacker’ to post videos to Facebook groups. Of course … any one can post a video to a Facebook group … but only Video Jacker can post a video with up to 26 different applications already pre installed … from aweber optin forms to maps and from […]

1 December 2012
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Why And How Should You Use BZ9 Pop Unders?

BZ9 Pop Unders are now live … But why and how should you use BZ9 Pop Unders? Watch the video as we not only show you how to set up your pop unders but show you via a direct ref to BZ9 exit pop unders why these type of marketing tools can increase sales and conversions …. typically by 50%…  […]

22 November 2012
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Following is a demo of ‘Video Jacker’ available 26th November 2012.

Astonishing Video Marketing Platform, Converts YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo & Any MP4 Videos Into Sales Converting, Listing Building Viral Marketing Machines … Without Ever Creating A Video! Following is a demo of ‘Video Jacker’ available 26th November 2012.

17 November 2012
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In fact the plugin has far more benefits than just being able to direct website traffic…

On the face of it you may well wonder how a plugin could have any affect on your ability to buy website traffic or visitors, I know I certainly scratched my head at first! But once you realise the simplicity of what this plugin is actually doing all will fall in to place. In fact […]

17 November 2012
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Facebook Launches Mobile Share Button

Facebook has now launched its retweet-style “Share” button for the mobile news feed. This has been a very much-requested feature and is now rolled out for the mobile site. Like the web version, it lets people take links and photos posted by someone else or even a Sponsored Story ad and quickly repost it with […]

16 November 2012
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You will have access to ‘Link Cracker’ video tutorials, documentation and licensing.

Over the last 2 weeks I have been feeding you snippets of news relating to ‘Link Cracker’. I have received great feedback from our beta testers and it has been nice to know that installation has run very smoothly with very little if any technical assistance required. In fact things have been so positive you […]

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