9 April 2013
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Where Do YOU Start When It Comes To Building A Business Online?

I would put money on the fact you have likely asked the question ‘Where Do I Start?’ at least once in your life. And I would further bet that you would most likely have asked this question when you were starting out on line. I can say the above with utmost confidence. As you know […]

28 March 2013
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How To Do Less, Become More Productive & Make More Sales …

 Firstly I wish you and your family a great Easter break… But whilst taking some time out its always a good time to reflect on your current business and how you manage and organize your day to day running of your business so as to become more productive.By organizing your time and making just small […]

27 March 2013
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BZ9 And The Benefits Of Using More Than One Domain …

At BZ9 we use more than one domain to deliver services to our clients. There are very good reasons for doing this to benefit our clients. A domain we use as well as BZ9.com is another short domain qoorb.com. This domain is used for BZ9 mobile websites and for BZ9 website builder pages. This will help you […]

20 March 2013
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Discover How ‘Downloads’ Can Sell YOUR Products & Services…

Make sure you check the list or resources at the bottom of this post … you can get up and running for zilch, nada, nothing … When I quote ‘Downloads’ I am not specifically referring to ‘Downloads.com’ … that site is just a small part of the possibilities for creating more sales and leads by exploiting […]

5 March 2013
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BZ9 Service Updates

Since creating the new BZ9 training modules, it has become apparent that not every one requires these training modules and may unsubscribe, which means you will also miss out on new product and service announcements. To cater for this you may optin to the new BZ9 Service Updates by using the form below. You will […]

26 February 2013
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Link Cracker Version 1.3

Link Cracker Version 1.3 has now been released. This version includes the following new features… > Added 301 search engine friendly link option. (tells the search engines its a permanent link and not a redirect) > Added option to make links expire. Set links to ‘expire’ so they redirect after a product closes for example after a […]

11 February 2013
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‘Slap Google Back’

It’s time to ‘Slap Google Back’… I don’t know about you but there seems to be a lot of new theories floating about relating to SEO. Of course, these are all trying to redress the balance relating to Google’s constant changes and updates. So how do you know who to believe? Well you certainly can’t rely […]

9 February 2013
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Stealth Tracking

The BZ9 Stealth Tracking tool is an ingenious feature, however, please note that before using the stealth tracking feature, that you do your due diligence as in some affiliate networks it could be classed as cookie stuffing and be against the networks terms of service. The stealth tracking feature allows you to set your affiliate […]

Exit Pop Ups

You can now add an exit pop up to make more sales and increase email optins to ANY webpage, blog post, short url and even to your Facebook FanPages. If you are using any of the hosted BZ9 services from FanPage Builder to Website Builder and from Short URLs to Webmaster Tools you can make all BZ9 tools appear […]

4 February 2013
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This Is Why You Need A Mobile Website…

WARNING! You ARE Losing Money If Your Website Is NOT Mobile Enabled… If you ever need convincing that your business or your client’s business needs a mobile website watch this video … Start building mobile websites here… And then when you lose faith or forget what’s happening out their in this ever changing world of […]

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