21 February 2014
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Sales Persuasion Mind Trick

Like it or not we are all into ‘sales’ of some description.  Sales keep the wheels of commerce turning. But sometimes we can all over complicate the sales process … so please check this 59 second video which breaks the some times daunting prospect of making sales into some very, very simple. And the examples […]

21 February 2014
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The ‘Do It List’ Of Sexual Job Descriptions …

You may be wondering why a list of Sexual Job Descriptions are appearing on an internet marketing related blog? I must admit that of course the first reaction is to think exactly that … so please allow me to explain. I actually acquired these Sexual Job Descriptions  from the ‘Computer Science University Of Maryland’ and although I […]

14 February 2014
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Viral Social Media Info Graphics

Over recent weeks I have been collecting what I consider to be very informative and very shareable (viral) social media info graphics. They now total 17 and each can be reviewed below. If you want to download them all, there is an option to do this below. You can then post these to your own social […]

9 February 2014
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How To Create Animated Images

You may think animated images are purely for small images, buttons and arrows etc.  A bit like this example: If you do then I have to say that you are WRONG. You can actually use animated images in a multitude of different scenarios. We even use one on our G+ page. Here’s some more ideas […]

4 February 2014
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This is How Social Signals Affect YOUR Search Engine Rankings …

Below is an info graphic by ‘quicksprout.com’ and I must say that its one of the most informative and easy to follow info graphics I have ever viewed. What is clearly evident is the fact that social signals created by social postings clearly improve SEO. This is How Social Signals Affect YOUR Search Engine Rankings. Click […]

Simple Affiliate Product Which Sells On Facebook …

I received an email this morning about the ongoing decline with engagement over at Facebook which led me to an article about Stephanie Stiavetti giving up on Facebook altogether. The article suggests its a threat to Facebook’s $6 billion per annum ad revenue, but surely even if every business stopped posting content Facebook would still […]

31 January 2014
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Download 235 Free Business-Themed Stock Photos …

When ever we can get our hands on quality free stock photos and images we jump on them … Images are so important BUT they can be expensive! It’s never worth ‘borrowing’ images you find on Google or any other site for that matter … With potential fines running to $1000 for ‘borrowing’ images its […]

28 January 2014
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How To Get More From Google Plus …

Would you like to Get More From Google Plus? More conversion, more engagement, more anything? You may have noticed that my focus has shifted some what from Facebook to Google Plus over the last few months. And its for good reason … lets face it, none of us are in this for the love of […]

27 January 2014
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Maximizing Potential For Your Google Plus Marketing

Having been a relative late comer to the Google Plus party I have to say … better late than never! However, within this short time period, my Google Plus Marketing is proving to be so much more productive than what is being achieved over on Facebook right now. In fact its been like this for […]

26 January 2014
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Resources For Social Content Curation

Are you finding the curation of your own Social Content a bit of a chore? Read on to see if we can help lighten the load as you search for the best social content for your own niche. Did you know that Guy Kawasaki, one of the Apple employees originally responsible for marketing the Macintosh […]

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