18 October 2012
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Will I Get ‘Quality’ 1c Clicks Using Look Smart? Let’s find out….

Follow My Experiment As I Test The Look Smart Ad Network … Will I Achieve Quality Traffic For 1c, 2c or 5c? Only Time Will Tell… Report#1: … created on the 18th October for the previous 24 hour period. Please login to your BZ9 account to view the daily updates…

15 October 2012
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Laying The Foundations For A Thriving Online Business -Tip #1: Blog Comments

How to use blog comments to market your business online… There are lots of ways to lay solid foundations to ensure the growth of your online business … which don’t involve any cost. Over the coming weeks I will cover many different ways to leverage powerful easy marketing opportunities which all too often get forgotten […]

11 October 2012
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Easily Create Unique, Powerful ‘Link Jacker’ Links ‘On The Fly’ Containing YOUR CPA, Affiliate Offers And List Building Tools.

We have now added a very powerful and easy to use feature called Link Jacker ‘dynamic links’. Easily create unique, powerful ‘Link Jacker’ links ‘on the fly’ containing your CPA, affiliate offers and list building tools. Please check the video for full details, further tutorial videos are available once you login to your account… You […]

8 October 2012
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These Pinterest Facts Are Definitely VERY Pinteresting!

Here are some very pinteresting facts you can use to your advantage whilst engaging with Pinterest.

2 October 2012
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Apparently we spend over 7 hours on Facebook each month

Apparently we spend over 7 hours on Facebook each month. I bet you’ll be surprised at some of these updated facts on Facebook usage. Click image to view then share the facts…      

1 October 2012
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How To Develop An Online Business With 50 Free Resources

Here are some great ways showing you how to develop an online business with 50 free downloadable resources. I have compiled the list over time to give you a broad, wide reaching free resource to help develop an online business. They will each vary as to content, so a quick scan of the post should enable you to locate the resource suitable the area of […]

26 September 2012
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Is someone messing with my Facebook wall posts or is it just my paranoia?

Is it just my paranoia or is Facebook trying really hard to restrict the reach of Facebook wall posts originating from FanPages? (commercial FanPages as opposed to personal FanPages). Over the past 4 to 6 weeks we have had some amazingly popular posts with several receiving tens of thousands of likes and comments, one with […]

26 September 2012
BZ9 Blog
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Link Jacker … delivers ‘targeted’ traffic … update

‘Link Jacker’ is live, ready to be exploited within your BZ9 account. You will find the new facility within the ‘my short links’ section of your account. But before you rush in rush, please take a few minutes to check the updated promotional VIP pages for ‘Link Jacker’ as this will really prime your imagination […]

19 September 2012
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Who Uses Facebook

Ever wondered what the breakdown of Facebook users are? This amazing info graphic gives you a very interesting insight

16 September 2012
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How to Grow Your Mobile Presence

The whole online world is going mobile and if you don’t your business does not want to be left behind! It’s imperative that you make sure your site can be viewed on mobile devices by creating a responsive design or a mobile optimized version of your site. You can do this through BZ9 GoMo. You also need […]

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