13 November 2012
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The Greatest Affiliate System In History!

If you’re into affiliate marketing plus you like to target internet marketing products Rod Beckwith has The Greatest Affiliate System. Rod has released his proven affiliate system via the Warrior Forum. As an affiliate marketer, I have to check these things out of course, so I duly purchased my licence to see what its all about. Once I started downloading the […]

9 November 2012
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This Image Created Over 138,000 Comments On Facebook … Feel Free To Copy it!

Try using the following image, it went viral for us on Facebook creating: 138,338 comments 7,708 Shares 2,902,209 views  Despite all the Comments On Facebook the best of all on some days over 5,000 clicks to any page we directed the traffic to. You can verify the results via the link below, and the daily traffic where we received over […]

8 November 2012
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Why do I think Clickbank Risk Management is Unfair?

Having logged in to one of our Clickbank accounts I was some what surprised to see that Clickbank are introducing a new ‘Clickbank Risk Management’ program to all accounts on Clickbank. On the one hand it does not surprise me at all, having been with Clickbank for over ten years I was always amazed at […]

7 November 2012
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‘Link Cracker’ Is A Sophisticated, Feature Rich, URL Redirect And Cloaking Script Which Installs And Operates From YOUR Very Own Domain…

What is ‘Link Cracker’? Please don’t confuse ‘Link Cracker’ with the popular ‘Link Jacker‘ … whilst the name may be very similar they serve two very distinct services. ‘Link Cracker’ is a sophisticated, feature rich, URL redirect and cloaking script which installs and operates from your very own domain… Using YOUR own domain ‘Link Cracker’ will… […]

2 November 2012
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We have this week added 2 MAJOR benefits to the ‘custom dropins’ and ‘designer dropins’ tools…

We have this week added 2 MAJOR benefits to the ‘custom dropin’ and ‘designer dropin’ tools… With the 2 new features you can now: > Cause the custom or designer dropin to display at any time on entry to the webpage or short url > Display the dropin a SECOND time as the visitor goes […]

27 October 2012
BZ9 Blog
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Do You Think Google Is Confusing? Can Signal Pigeon Help?

If you feel Google SEO is confusing and you really don’t know what Google will do next to test your websites ability to appear within the might Google search engine … you are not alone. I’m certainly no search engine master and have never pretended to be. However, top selling author Chris Munch breaks the […]

26 October 2012
BZ9 Blog
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BZ9 Service & New Features Update Including ‘Lead Impact’

During the week we’ve added more content to the media buying section, including an update on progress with ‘Look Smart’ plus a introduction to a very interesting ad platform known as ‘Lead Impact‘ Secondly we’ve added the simple yet powerful option to now delay the appearance of dropins when using short URLs and also for […]

26 October 2012
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Facebook Statistics

Whilst there are some great photo sharing sites out there such as Pinterest and flickr, which all attract a lot of traffic, Facebook really does make them look rather insignificant when it comes down to the Facebook statistics … the facts. Consider the following and then check the facebook statistics info graphic below for some really daunting facebook statistics, facts and […]

24 October 2012
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Do YOU Want An Email Optin Rate In Excess Of 45%?

Of course you do, every marketer dreams of having an optin rate that high, most don’t even get close to 5%… So here’s your chance to start building large optin lists ready to promote your products and services to… Within the next 48 hours I will be uploading proven marketing videos which are achieving 45% […]

22 October 2012
BZ9 Blog
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Try Toxic SEO … The Most Comprehensive Suite Of SEO Tools & Services You Will Ever Find…

These are fully automated SEO tools and services ANYONE can use, no technical skills required… And when I say ‘try’ I REALLY do mean ‘try’. We are so confident in the range of powerful features we deliver, you can try AND test the system absolutely free of charge. At Toxic SEO we give you a […]

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