5 May 2013
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Mobile Tap To Call …

Please check my video for instructions on how to add a mobile ‘Tap To Call button’ to your mobile webpages …

1 May 2013
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To Get Your FanPages Looking Professional You Need Professional Looking FanPage Thumbnails …

To get your FanPages looking professional you need professional looking thumbnails. But how do you change or update these? This is a question we are often asked … so if you need to know how to update or change your FanPage Thumbnails please check the video below. To assist with this we’ve also created a set of thumbnails for you. You […]

29 April 2013
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Adding Background Images To Your FanPages Is EASY!

You can now add background images to your FanPages, both for the main background and individual containers. We have also compiled an excellent library for you containing thousands of back ground images, from metal to rock effect backgrounds and from nature based backgrounds right through to food related backgrounds. Its simple to add background images […]

22 April 2013
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WARNING: Beware Of Using Tinyurl, Bitly, Owly & EVEN goo.gl

If you’ve been following my blog posts you will be aware that I have highlighted the pit falls of using free short url services on several occasions. So it was inspiring to see that Aweber have also posted advice on the same subject, i.e poor delivery rates when using Tinyurl, Bitly, Owly & EVEN goo.gl […]

15 April 2013
BZ9 Blog
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Service Update

Another week has started … I hope you had a great weekend. Yesterday I took my 19 year old son, in fact I will correct that, my 19 year old son took me off roading in his recently upgraded 4×4 vehicle, we had a great day out … It rained here in the UK for […]

12 April 2013
BZ9 Blog
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Free … Complete Mobile Prospecting Tool kit!

A complete ‘Mobile Prospecting Tool kit’ for free … surely not? When I generally hear or read the word ‘free’ I tend to switch off … surely there must be a catch or its just not worth any thing any way? But on this occasion I decided to take a look, mainly because of who […]

9 April 2013
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Where Do YOU Start When It Comes To Building A Business Online?

I would put money on the fact you have likely asked the question ‘Where Do I Start?’ at least once in your life. And I would further bet that you would most likely have asked this question when you were starting out on line. I can say the above with utmost confidence. As you know […]

9 April 2013
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Please DOWNLOAD Your Facebook Timeline Covers …

Facebook Timeline Covers Are Now Available For Download In Either XCF For Gimp or PSD For Photo Shop… I trust you are making great use of the BZ9 FanPage builder. I just wanted to remind you that in order to compliment the BZ9 FanPage builder platform you can also download our FanPage timeline covers. These professionally designed covers are downloadable in both XCF […]

28 March 2013
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How To Do Less, Become More Productive & Make More Sales …

 Firstly I wish you and your family a great Easter break… But whilst taking some time out its always a good time to reflect on your current business and how you manage and organize your day to day running of your business so as to become more productive.By organizing your time and making just small […]

27 March 2013
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BZ9 And The Benefits Of Using More Than One Domain …

At BZ9 we use more than one domain to deliver services to our clients. There are very good reasons for doing this to benefit our clients. A domain we use as well as BZ9.com is another short domain qoorb.com. This domain is used for BZ9 mobile websites and for BZ9 website builder pages. This will help you […]

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