5 June 2013
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How To Get 20GB of FREE Online Data Storage …

Whilst everyone may have heard of Dropbox, and used the FREE Online Data Storage service to securely store files just in case hard drives ever crashes the free storage allowance is very low. The downside to Dopbox is the free allowance is only 2GBs which doesn’t go very far these days … Dropbox offers a great service but […]

30 May 2013
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Word Press
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Protecting yourself from Word Press Hacking is a daily task and unfortunately most site owners don’t know how to secure their WP sites.

Word Press is a victim of it’s own success … On first reading, the above subject may sound a bit odd. After all, how could one of the World’s top products be a victim? This is unfortunately a side effect of being successful, especially on the Internet … the hackers and spammers of this world […]

29 May 2013
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How To Add The Demo Feature To Your Virtual Presenter Sales Sites …

Please follow these instructions to add the new demonstration feature to your Virtual Presenter sales websites. NOTE: This will not apply to you if your site was set up within the last 24 hours as your site will include this feature. If in doubt check this example ‘home‘ page and this example ‘A La Carte‘ page […]

26 May 2013
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Making Money With Virtual Presenters Is About To Get A Lot Easier …

Today I am pleased to announce 2 new marketing presenters currently in production which will help you: Presenter #1 – this must surely be one of the best ways to promote your sales sites … you will be able to add a Virtual Presenter to any webpage which will pitch the visitor on the benefits of using Virtual Presenters and […]

24 May 2013
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Heads Up On Development Of Your Virtual Presenter Business …

This update contains 3 improved images you may update on your Virtual Presenter sales site to improve the cosmetic look of your site plus a heads up on what we are doing to further enhance the functionality of your sites … which will of course increase the potential for more sales! Firstly, we have improved 3 […]

22 May 2013
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$40 To $200 Per Sale … With Zero, Tele Sales, Cold Calling Or Advertising!

We’ve recently introduced a couple of new products to your Bz9 account … Both have been added as a direct result of our own marketing and the need to automate these areas, take a look and see if these will also help you. One you can download straight away, the other enables you to enter the potentially lucrative and rather prestigious world of […]

14 May 2013
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6 Essential WordPress Security Tips

Having too many Word Press plugins or outdated versions of your Word Press plugins can drastically affect your site’s performance and security. Here are our 6 Essential WordPress Security Tips to help ensure your site stays secure and performs at peak performance … Like to avoid security and back up issues? Check out our popular Word […]

11 May 2013
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How To INSTANTLY Turn Landing Pages Into Mobile Web Pages …

You can now turn BZ9 landing pages into instant ‘mobile websites’ with just 3 clicks of your mouse. Click #1 & #2: Whilst in edit mode for your chosen landing page, click on ‘Website Settings’ bottom left hand corner, then click on ‘Mobile Settings’: Click #3:  On the next screen choose from the drop down menu, the […]

10 May 2013
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Three Techniques For Standing Out In A Highly Competitive Niche …

Don’t become a victim of  ‘Me Too Marketing’ … Marketing in a highly competitive niche can be difficult as pressure mounts to stand out amongst your competitors. Unless you adopt a strategy to make you stand out you will inevitably fall in to the trap of ‘me too marketing’ … Doing what every other marketer is franticly […]

7 May 2013
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Banner Blindness Is A Conscious & Subconscious Online Phenomenon …

Your business may be suffering from banner blindness … so what is banner blindness and how can you cure this illness? Banner blindness is an online phenomenon where visitors to a website consciously or subconsciously ignore banner-like information, which can also be called ad blindness. The term “banner blindness” was coined by Benway and Lane as a […]

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