18 August 2013
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Adding Affiliate CTA Presenters & Optin Forms To BZ9 Short Links …

NOTES … This is more powerful than just sliding in a banner and also works great when used in conjunction with the ‘Link Jacker’ exit pop ups or exit pop unders. … check this example here (opens in new window). In order to add a CTA presenter plus optin form or banner etc. please follow these steps: […]

16 August 2013
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Adding CTA Affiliate Presenters Can Increase Sales & Optins …

NOTES … Check this example here (opens in new window). In order to add a presenter please follow these steps: Step #1: From within the website builder section click on the ‘tools’ icon for the page you wish to add the presenter to: Step #2: Activate the ‘Dropin Management’ section and then specify the ‘blank’ dropin […]

16 August 2013
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Bookmark This Valuable Resource For Free Graphics And Images!

Having been online for a long time now I find it quite interesting that having built many websites we recently received legal paper work from Getty Images requesting that we pay over $1,200 for a rather bland image some one placed on one of our websites more than 8 years ago! The site was built […]

Do You Want To Automate Your Facebook Posts?

Do you post to Facebook pages and groups? Would you like to automate your postings to multiple Facebook pages and groups from YOUR own domain WITHOUT the monthly cost? And be able to post to unlimited groups and pages? If you answered yes to the above … or simply want to start exploiting these areas of […]

14 August 2013
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Free Legal Form (s) For Yours & Your Client’s Business …

If you’ve been putting off the legalities for your business, now would be a good time to stop the procrastination as you can now create personalized legal forms via the free legal form resources I have listed for you below. In fact if you deliver services to clients you could also impress existing and future […]

13 August 2013
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Download Some Rather Nice Free PowerPoint Templates …

A short while ago I created a blog post demonstrating how you can create professional videos without the professional skills using PowerPoint templates. The process was received extremely well. In the past I have always created my own templates, which can be time consuming and … even if I say so my self lack that professional designer […]

12 August 2013
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Impress Your Visitors With These Professional Presentation Templates!

If you create presentations, record videos or simply need a nicely designed template to use within your marketing you will already know that obtaining the right design at a cost effective price just ISN’T easy! Two or three years ago I can remember requesting a single template from the designers we use, and that single […]

10 August 2013
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Download Designer Graphics Package!

You have three options for downloading the ‘Designer Graphic Package‘ as follows:  Click below to open to download the ‘Designer Graphics Package’  Click below to open BZ9 trial account and download the ‘Designer Graphics Package’      

30 July 2013
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What Are Facebook Hashtags?

Facebook hashtags are a way to group conversations together, around the same subject or topic and receive visitor traffic back in return … By including a hashtag (or two) in your post, you stand a chance of reaching people who may not have seen your post on your timeline or group etc. But you’ll have […]

30 July 2013
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How Can Facebook Hashtags Help Your Facebook Marketing?

Facebook hashtags are a way to group conversations together, around the same subject or topic. If you are a regular on the likes of Twitter you will no doubt be more than familiar with hashtags, however, the fact this is a relatively new feature over at Facebook means it has yet to fully evolve and […]

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