‘Geo Tagging’ Allows You To Greet Visitors With A Personal Message Quoting Their Location…

‘Geo Tagging’ is where you can greet visitors quoting their location. This means we can make any visitors experience unique to them which will in turn increase conversions as we can make their experience more personalised. It’s all about location, location, location and by applying GEO Tagging to your marketing you could see conversions increase […]

What Is Geo Targeting & Why Should We Geo Target Our marketing?

What Is Geo Targeting? … Very simply …Geo Targeting is the ability for us (as marketers) to deliver specific content (pure content and landing pages) to our target audience based on the visitor’s location. Why would we want to Geo Target our marketing? Because within this global market place, products and services are not always […]

GEO Targeting Software…

Despite researching ‘Geo Targeting‘ and ‘Geo Marketing‘ for a while now it wasn’t until today that I learnt what ‘Geo’ actually stands for … I had mistakenly taken ‘Geo‘ to be an abbreviation or shortening of Geographical. After all it stands to reason that given we are targeting our marketing based on the geographical location […]

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