1 October 2014
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Best Times To Post On Facebook

We all want to improve traffic to our website, a great way to do this can be via Facebook posts, but what are the best times to post? Ty these best times to post on Facebook to improve interaction and user engagement. Most brands post during the week The peak time for posts is 12pm-1pm […]

2 September 2014
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End Of The Like Gate!

When you like a Facebook page, Facebook wants to make sure you really like that page. Facebook announced recently that it will end the process known as the like gate, where users would have to like a page to enter a contest or receive more points in a game. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Facebook detailed this change in a […]

21 July 2014
BZ9 Blog
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6 Steps To Building a Business Facebook Page

Before work can begin, you need a blueprint to help determine the structure & vision for your property. This also applies to your business Facebook page — whether you’re starting a page from scratch or launching your next campaign. A marketing plan is essential for tracking goals & results. Your marketing plan will also provide […]

12 July 2014
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Facebook Response Rates Dropping

T-Mobile is once again the most socially devoted Facebook brand in the U.S. However, overall response rate from brands dipped by 10 percent over the past month, according to a report by Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Socialbakers. In May, the average response rate among top brands was 48 percent. When Socialbakers crunched the numbers for […]

24 May 2014
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How To Create Facebook Ads That Work!

If you are or have ever struggled with the creation of Facebook ads that work this is going to blow your mind. This is the easiest way to create proven, stunning Facebook ads that work, just like the ones you see in your Facebook feed time and time again and wish you could create equally stunning […]

6 March 2014
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7 Types of Social Media Fans

Here is a comical, yet informative insight to the most common 7 Types of Social Media Fans you are likely to encounter … and tips on how to handle them. Which one is you??

21 February 2014
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The ‘Do It List’ Of Sexual Job Descriptions …

You may be wondering why a list of Sexual Job Descriptions are appearing on an internet marketing related blog? I must admit that of course the first reaction is to think exactly that … so please allow me to explain. I actually acquired these Sexual Job Descriptions  from the ‘Computer Science University Of Maryland’ and although I […]

14 February 2014
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Viral Social Media Info Graphics

Over recent weeks I have been collecting what I consider to be very informative and very shareable (viral) social media info graphics. They now total 17 and each can be reviewed below. If you want to download them all, there is an option to do this below. You can then post these to your own social […]

4 February 2014
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This is How Social Signals Affect YOUR Search Engine Rankings …

Below is an info graphic by ‘quicksprout.com’ and I must say that its one of the most informative and easy to follow info graphics I have ever viewed. What is clearly evident is the fact that social signals created by social postings clearly improve SEO. This is How Social Signals Affect YOUR Search Engine Rankings. Click […]

26 January 2014
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Resources For Social Content Curation

Are you finding the curation of your own Social Content a bit of a chore? Read on to see if we can help lighten the load as you search for the best social content for your own niche. Did you know that Guy Kawasaki, one of the Apple employees originally responsible for marketing the Macintosh […]

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