19 February 2013
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Using 10 Amazing Bets To Avoid The ‘Hard Sell’…

Everyone hates to be given the hard sell, you want to take your time and make an informed decision before making a purchase. There is always a place of course for the hard sell, business is business after all! Take articles, they are purposely designed to be informative, whilst being monetized with banners or Adsense […]

9 February 2013
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Stealth Tracking

The BZ9 Stealth Tracking tool is an ingenious feature, however, please note that before using the stealth tracking feature, that you do your due diligence as in some affiliate networks it could be classed as cookie stuffing and be against the networks terms of service. The stealth tracking feature allows you to set your affiliate […]

Exit Pop Ups

You can now add an exit pop up to make more sales and increase email optins to ANY webpage, blog post, short url and even to your Facebook FanPages. If you are using any of the hosted BZ9 services from FanPage Builder to Website Builder and from Short URLs to Webmaster Tools you can make all BZ9 tools appear […]

31 January 2013
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This Is Why You MUST HAVE A Secret FanPage!

Secret FanPages are Facebook’s version of a traditional squeeze page … Some people may  also refer to these as ‘Like Gates’ or ‘Fan Gates . NOTE: You can now CTA Presenters to your FanPages and ‘Like Gates’ … check this tutorial of instructions. By using the right platform to build your secret FanPages it can be a quick […]

CTA Affiliate Marketing Presenter Word Press Plugin …

You can add the CTA Affiliate Marketing Presenter embed codes to your Word Press sites and blogs by using our Word Press plugin. The plugin was actually developed for BZ9 Webmaster Tools, so if you already use this service/plugin you don’t need to re download and install, simply use the existing plugin. The video below […]

‘Geo Tagging’ Allows You To Greet Visitors With A Personal Message Quoting Their Location…

‘Geo Tagging’ is where you can greet visitors quoting their location. This means we can make any visitors experience unique to them which will in turn increase conversions as we can make their experience more personalised. It’s all about location, location, location and by applying GEO Tagging to your marketing you could see conversions increase […]

What Is Geo Targeting & Why Should We Geo Target Our marketing?

What Is Geo Targeting? … Very simply …Geo Targeting is the ability for us (as marketers) to deliver specific content (pure content and landing pages) to our target audience based on the visitor’s location. Why would we want to Geo Target our marketing? Because within this global market place, products and services are not always […]

GEO Targeting Software…

Despite researching ‘Geo Targeting‘ and ‘Geo Marketing‘ for a while now it wasn’t until today that I learnt what ‘Geo’ actually stands for … I had mistakenly taken ‘Geo‘ to be an abbreviation or shortening of Geographical. After all it stands to reason that given we are targeting our marketing based on the geographical location […]

1 January 2013
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Do You Have A Game Plan For 2013?

Firstly I want to wish you a happy new year and above all wish you success for 2013. Its January 1st 2013, we now have 12 full months ahead of us, we are each and every one of us responsible for our destiny and where 2013 will take us. We can either drift through the […]

21 December 2012
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Happy Xmas … What Affiliate Tool Can We Build For You?

First of all I want to wish you and your family a very happy Xmas from all of us at BZ9… Xmas is almost upon us, and as you slowly but surely switch off and allow things to slow down ready for Xmas your thoughts may not be about doing business right now, right this […]

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