15 July 2013
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Facebook Video Marketing

Are you available to do a mailing or promotion next Monday (22nd July) onwards? We are re launching Video Jacker with a brand new USP which means even more repeat commissions for the months and years ahead … Video Jacker is being re launched as Facebook Video Jacker to zone in and focus on the […]

‘Viewbix’ Offers Many More Features At A Much Lower Cost Than ‘PostMagic’ For Posting Videos To Facebook …

I’ve created this post to highlight the benefits of posting videos to facebook using ‘Viewbix‘ and I was prompted to do so because of a recent launch for a product called ‘PostMagic‘. Whilst ‘PostMagic‘ is indeed a great product the relatively small number of features available within ‘PostMagic’ are already included with ‘Viewbix‘ and are available for […]

22 May 2013
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$40 To $200 Per Sale … With Zero, Tele Sales, Cold Calling Or Advertising!

We’ve recently introduced a couple of new products to your Bz9 account … Both have been added as a direct result of our own marketing and the need to automate these areas, take a look and see if these will also help you. One you can download straight away, the other enables you to enter the potentially lucrative and rather prestigious world of […]

10 May 2013
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Three Techniques For Standing Out In A Highly Competitive Niche …

Don’t become a victim of  ‘Me Too Marketing’ … Marketing in a highly competitive niche can be difficult as pressure mounts to stand out amongst your competitors. Unless you adopt a strategy to make you stand out you will inevitably fall in to the trap of ‘me too marketing’ … Doing what every other marketer is franticly […]

22 April 2013
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WARNING: Beware Of Using Tinyurl, Bitly, Owly & EVEN goo.gl

If you’ve been following my blog posts you will be aware that I have highlighted the pit falls of using free short url services on several occasions. So it was inspiring to see that Aweber have also posted advice on the same subject, i.e poor delivery rates when using Tinyurl, Bitly, Owly & EVEN goo.gl […]

9 April 2013
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Where Do YOU Start When It Comes To Building A Business Online?

I would put money on the fact you have likely asked the question ‘Where Do I Start?’ at least once in your life. And I would further bet that you would most likely have asked this question when you were starting out on line. I can say the above with utmost confidence. As you know […]

27 March 2013
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BZ9 And The Benefits Of Using More Than One Domain …

At BZ9 we use more than one domain to deliver services to our clients. There are very good reasons for doing this to benefit our clients. A domain we use as well as BZ9.com is another short domain qoorb.com. This domain is used for BZ9 mobile websites and for BZ9 website builder pages. This will help you […]

20 March 2013
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Discover How ‘Downloads’ Can Sell YOUR Products & Services…

Make sure you check the list or resources at the bottom of this post … you can get up and running for zilch, nada, nothing … When I quote ‘Downloads’ I am not specifically referring to ‘Downloads.com’ … that site is just a small part of the possibilities for creating more sales and leads by exploiting […]

20 March 2013
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YouTuber :: YouTube Scraper …

YouTuber Will Extract Up To 1000 KeyWord Related Results From YouTube.com In Under 60 Seconds… If you use YouTube as a source of marketing data, you can now streamline your data gathering and extraction by using YouTuber the fast and accurate YouTube Scraper, desktop application which will scrape YouTube for data and download into convenient, keyword […]

26 February 2013
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Link Cracker Version 1.3

Link Cracker Version 1.3 has now been released. This version includes the following new features… > Added 301 search engine friendly link option. (tells the search engines its a permanent link and not a redirect) > Added option to make links expire. Set links to ‘expire’ so they redirect after a product closes for example after a […]

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