19 November 2013
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Increased Commissions …

Seldom Will You Find Such A Sought After Product With A Built In Target Audience … Facebook Groups! The inevitable has happened … Keeping this short we have done some serious split testing for sales of FB Post Manager … And the results are in. As you know we have been virtually giving this product […]

MORE, New Short Links Features …

We’ve added more new features BZ9 short links as follows … We’ve added two extra links to the ‘My Short Links’ section of the navigation bar. These aren’t new services or features but existing short links pages, we’ve just pulled these altogether to make them easier to access.   When you now enter your Statistics section […]

New Features Added To Short Links …

This update focuses on the BZ9 short links … and you can expect to see more updates along these lines as we update the reporting and functionality for our short links to speed up your daily work load and improve reporting so that you know exactly what is going on within your marketing. Prepare  To […]

18 October 2013
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SERVICE UPDATE :: View Short Link Statistics By ‘Folder’ …

Friday is here again… but before you part to enjoy the weekend please spare a couple of minutes to check what has been updated for you at BZ9 to make your marketing life … easier! We have added the ability for you to view short link statistics by ‘folder’. Although the organising of your short […]

How To Redirect Mobile Traffic On Facebook …

NOTE: Whilst this post focuses on Facebook, please read the entire post as I have also covered how to redirect mobile traffic when running regular affiliate promotions. Do you know that over 71% of traffic on Facebook is using a mobile device? I suspect you do, its not really a secret … however did you […]

Page Blackout

This week we introduced the ability to add a ‘Page Blackout’ to BZ9 short links … Whilst the Page Blackout idea is nothing new it really does open up the possibilities and effectiveness of our affiliate marketing campaigns, especially for when using affiliate short links. Please read on as I have also included examples for your […]

7 September 2013
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Alexa Traffic Rank

I don’t know about you, but I constantly use the Alexa Traffic Rank service to keep an eye on both our own traffic trends and to keep an eye the traffic trends of competitors and to gage how popular a site is before doing business if traffic volume is  a useful indicator. However, to my […]

2 September 2013
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CPA Breakthrough With Guarantee …

I am constantly asked about CPA and how to make money from it, in fact I get asked so much that I decided to create a post to highlight what must be the only way to guarantee you DON’T LOSE MONEY with CPA. Plus this is a CPA arbitrage method, which guarantees to make money, […]

Generating CTA Presenter Embed Codes & Using The Dashboard …

The following video will guide you on using the various options available via the CTA Presenter dashboard  so that you may then add to your websites, blogs, Word Press installations, short urls and Facebook Fanpages.  

Content For Your Facebook Posts …

If you’re receiving updates on our Facebook posts you may have noticed more posts just lately employing our Link Jacker system. If you haven’t … then check them out on our Facebook page as what I am proposing or reminding you of … is that you can copy our content, thats not a problem at […]

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