11 June 2014
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It’s a Name Thing Campaigns Are Back!

If you didn’t make your fortune with the well publicised It’s a Name Thing t-shirt campaigns over the last 12 months, perhaps now is your chance! It’s a Name Thing Campaigns Are Back! Had a nice break through yesterday, the ‘allow personalization’ feature within the online designer effectively means you could start copying the very successful […]

17 April 2014
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Great Amazon Business Training …

If you thought making money from Amazon is for affiliates … You’d be wrong! This is a genuine opportunity to absorb 3 great Amazon Business Training videos and 2 downloadable PDFs as a warm up to not one of the best BUT the best all time selling courses which was released in 2013. And this is […]

3 April 2014
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Valuable Teespring Resources

With all the interest and activity in t-shirt sales via TeeSpring.com I thought now might be  a good time to post some great free & paid Teespring resources. Having experimented with TeeSpring.com … along the way I have found some great Teespring Resources from free desktop and web based applications through to some very sophisticated tools […]

Simple Affiliate Product Which Sells On Facebook …

I received an email this morning about the ongoing decline with engagement over at Facebook which led me to an article about Stephanie Stiavetti giving up on Facebook altogether. The article suggests its a threat to Facebook’s $6 billion per annum ad revenue, but surely even if every business stopped posting content Facebook would still […]

23 January 2014
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Conversion Tracking

[maxbutton id=”30″] In this post we are going to discuss the importance of conversion tracking, covering points such as: If you are a sporting person then you may be more familiar with the term ‘conversion’ being used when a goal is scored within Rugby or a touch down is scored within football in the US. […]

12 December 2013
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URL Rotator – Rotate Unlimited URLs

What is a URL rotator? A URL rotator will, when clicked … methodically rotate through a given set of URLs whilst only using one link. By creating one BZ9 short link you can add an unlimited number of other URLs and every time the BZ9 short link is clicked it will redirect to the next URL associated […]

6 December 2013
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Conversion Tracking …

Conversion tracking is now available via BZ9 short links. If you don’t know what conversion tracking is … here is a brief overview. Conversion tracking allows you to track certain conversions or actions such as clicks, subscriptions, optins and sales and attribute them to specific links or clicks. For example … you may have a […]

5 December 2013
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Your Affiliate Link Hardcoded Into This Popular Plugin …

You can now offer the SGI Word Press plugin as a free trial download with your affiliate link hardcoded into the plugin. We’ve just completed programming changes to Social Group Infiltrator so that you can now offer a fully functioning trial version of SGI with YOUR affiliate link embedded within the plugin. When they upgrade […]

25 November 2013
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Yub Is An Unusual Affiliate Network

An unusual, new rewards affiliate network called Yub has been launched with $12 million in funding. Based in Mountain View, California, Yub is being promoted as the “world’s first offline affiliate network”. But Yub isn’t offline – it’s the stores that are offline. It aims to drive website visitors to bricks and mortar stores to […]

20 November 2013
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Free Advertising Courtesy Of YouTube Fan Finder …

YouTube just released a brand new feature called YouTube Fan Finder, and it’s free. This looks like a great feature for those that have good content on their channels … What better way to introduce yourself than through video? Once Fan Finder finds a potential fan, it shows your channel ad to them as a skippable […]

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