10 November 2014
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The Affiliate Marketing Trends For 2015

With 2014 drawing to a close, online marketers around the world are looking forward to the new year and the wave of online marketing techniques that are being developed with it. According to Forbes, content marketing is set to be “bigger than ever” in 2015, and as such, affiliate marketing is one of the sub-sections […]

1 October 2014
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Best Times To Post On Facebook

We all want to improve traffic to our website, a great way to do this can be via Facebook posts, but what are the best times to post? Ty these best times to post on Facebook to improve interaction and user engagement. Most brands post during the week The peak time for posts is 12pm-1pm […]

16 September 2014
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Sports Design Ideas

Sports Design Ideas … these examples have been pulled together to offer inspiration. Note that all designs shown below are from a popular  website, yet the designs are very simple, using the sports balls as the main focus. Layout & Design Tips … Where a letter such as an ‘O’ exists within a quote or saying, […]

14 August 2014
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WordPress Copy of a Teespring Landing Page

At Last … I finally located a word press plugin which is a responsive, carbon copy of a Teespring landing page to promote physical and digital products … Here’s an example: view It took me under 10 minutes to create! The plugin is being recommend for selling physical products, but it works equally as well […]

28 July 2014
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Marketing Idea?

You may already be ahead of me on this marketing idea, but just in case … Did you know eBay allows YOU to link to your own sites? … and you don’t even have to be an eBay seller! In fact eBay has a PDF showing how to do it! (link at end of this […]

12 July 2014
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Facebook Response Rates Dropping

T-Mobile is once again the most socially devoted Facebook brand in the U.S. However, overall response rate from brands dipped by 10 percent over the past month, according to a report by Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Socialbakers. In May, the average response rate among top brands was 48 percent. When Socialbakers crunched the numbers for […]

9 July 2014
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Changeout T-Shirt Designs

‘Changeouts’ … will be the subject of our next set of designs. Use with any platform, your white label stores, Teespring, SunFrog etc. etc. Changeout T-Shirt Designs deliver quality designs (of course) with important key words removed so that you can replace these with names, professions, sports, places, hobbies, lifestyles, addictions, loves and hates … and […]

25 June 2014
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Age T-Shirt Designs

Age T-Shirt Designs sell better when you leverage the power of emotion! There’s no better way to make people get their credit cards out than tugging on those heart strings to draw out those emotions. Just look at the Disney Corporation … one of the biggest in the world built on people’s emotion! Our Vintage […]

23 June 2014
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Free T-Shirt Templates

If you are building a business focused on selling custom printed t-shirts these free t-shirt templates will help to make your stores and marketing campaigns look really professional. Each resource is available as a PSD so you will need Photo Shop … but some include a background images you can use if you are not […]

16 June 2014
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Getting Started With Google Plus

I’ve been following ‘Plus Your Business‘ for some time now, they are a great resource for every Google Plus … they certainly know their business. Below you will find their 15 minute Google Plus ‘Complete Guide To Google Pages’, a great watch if you are new to Google Plus. If you run a business then […]

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