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Toxic SEO Link Manager monitors the presence and quality of the links you worked so hard to secure  

Toxic SEO Backlink Manager: Monitor Your Reputation & Backlink Profile…

The major search engines have been tweaking their ranking algorithms using link popularity as a major factor in determining SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) for a particular website for many years and it is highly unlikely that they are going to change anything soon.

The battle is raging between the search engines who want to deliver the best results and the publishers who want to rank highly for their proposition, not matter how dubious it may be!

Like the customer’s credit score that banks and lenders rely on when making a decision to extend an overdraft or offer a mortgage, the search engines see ‘backlinks’ from quality sites as a an important factor when determining the ‘authority’ of a site they want to feature in their results. This part of Google’s infamous algorithm is now widely understood:

More QUALITY backlinks = Higher SERPs position

An active, sustained link building programme produces great results, higher website rankings and more targeted visitors. However, managing the links can be an arduous task. All the focus is on link building, looking forward and outwards to bigger and better sources … BUT what’s happening to all the links you’ve worked so hard to secure?

The number and quality of backlinks will always change over time. This is a natural, organic process and something Google keeps their watchful eye on. To keep your SERPs at peak levels, you NEED to know what is happening with your existing backlinks and how their changes and link popularity influence YOUR website rankings. Understanding, monitoring and organising your backlink history requires pretty sophisticated software …

Manage Valuable Backlinks With Toxic SEO Partner Link Manager

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Don’t Lose The Edge! Monitor Link Partners for Do-Follow Backlinks

Setting it up is simplicity itself!

Log in: Add the URLs of your partners’ pages to Partner Links Checker to constantly monitor and test their quality and presence. Furthermore, you can monitor the pages of link partners to make sure they comply with the parameters you’ve established for those links.

Page quality factors can be controlled independently from partner page’s content. Ensure that precious Link Juice is being passed to your site from the partner backlinks; make sure that they have not set ‘no-follow’ attributes to a page rendering your backlinks useless.

Checking partner sites linking attributes is especially important when you are trying to get backlinks and exchange links with blogs and social sites because some have ‘link following’ prohibited by default. Working hard to get a mention on a no-follow property is a complete waste of time!

Among other features, Toxic SEO Partner Links management tool will alert you to various issues for instance, sites where cloaking techniques have been applied. These sites will display a page with YOUR backlinks to humans, but serve the search engines with a different page … most likely without your backlinks!

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Monitor The Quality of Partner Backlinks Over Time

Specify quality parameters for each of your linking pages and the Partner Links Checker tracks the following:

  • Google Page Rank Monitoring: Set a value for Page Rank and the tools will alert you if a partner’s reputation has dropped!
  • Link Anchor Text Monitoring: Anchor text, (the words which a link is set to eg. Click Here) is now very important to search engines. Compare text or keywords specified to the anchor text on the partner page. Chenc exact match or presence of keywords in anchor text
  • Page Title Monitoring: Check that the content of the ‘Page Title meta tag’ remains intact. Similar to the link anchor text, the tools will search for an exact match and the presence of your keywords
  • Outbound Link Monitoring: Track the number of outbound links on a partner page because the more pages they link to, the less partner Link Juice will be passed to your page
  • Partner Page SERPs Monitoring: Ensures the linking page remains high in the major search engine indexes

Manage links efficiently with Partner Link Tracker in combination with Buzz Tracker, Search Engine Submission Service and the Backlink Checker tool to grow your reputation.


Toxic SEO is a feature-rich suite of SEO and Marketing tools for website promotion, search engine optimization, link management and social media promotion. Monitor valuable backlinks on partner pages and ensure they remain relevant and valuable over time with our Partner Link Management tool. 

Thanks to a strong system and a competitive price point, Toxic SEO is ideal for webmasters, business owners, marketers, stand-alone SEO specialists and even large marketing agencies!

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