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High Quality Links Back to Your Site Are Critical

High PR Backlinks = First Page of Google!
Few Quality Backlinks = Dead in The Wilderness!!!


Use Toxic SEO Backlink Checker to monitor page links on a regular basis. Build high quality backlinks and you efforts will be rewarded in SERPs

Toxic SEO Link Checker delivers the most advanced, comprehensive reports … Check how many sites have given you their ‘endorsement!’

Links have always played a significant role in search engine ranking algorithms and never more so than after the latest rounds of programming by the omnipotent Google.

Simply put, the more high PR (high Page Rank or quality) websites that point to a site, the more important that site is considered to be by search engines. The last few years have seen the focus of search engines ‘weight’ shifting specifically to backlinks. With these changes it’s no longer enough to have a well built, well optimised product, the search engines want to have verifiable proof and they have decided that when site link to you, they vote for you.

Feature rich:

  • View the relevant links search engines count
  • Monitor multiple pages
  • Query several search engines at once
  • View your linking history

backlink checker

See Exactly Who is Linking to You!

Toxic SEO Backlink Checker reports the number of pages linking and also their URLs.

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Log in: Open the Linking Page summary to review reports for your website. In addition to URLs, you will see their Google Page Rank, which will signify a backlink’s importance: 1/3=Low, 7/8=High

The more PR 5-9 sites you have linking to you, the more importance Google will give your site. The high authority websites will be placed separately in a list that is sorted by Google Page Rank.

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Check Your Backlink Building Campaign Against Your Competitors

It’s extremely important to know how effective your competitors’ backlink campaigns are. Toxic SEO reports will show how many more backlinks you need in order to compete … or if you’re ahead of the game!

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Log in: Go to the Backlink Checker settings. In the Competitor Backlinks tab simply the add URLs of your competitors’ websites and compare their profile to those of your project. Now you can view a comparison in the Competitor Backlinks tab:

You can view link URLs, Google Page Rank and checkmarks against each of the competitors.

Tip: Use this is a great tool to track down websites that link to competitors and that could link to you too!


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Monitor Your Website backlinks

  • Toxic SEO customizable scheduled SEO reports
  • Weekly, monthly or quarterly
  • Select the option you like to run reports
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Build even more backlinks with Toxic SEO

Use the online Search Engine Submission Service and Buzz Tracker

Buzz tracker monitors current and relevant discussions to business topics in your marketplace and helps create relevant backlinks to your various webpages.

Check the efficiency of the backlinks with the Online Rank Checker, which provides the most advanced Keyword Ranking Reports from multiple search engines.

Toxic SEO Online delivers a smart approach to SEO and website promotion. With renowned functionality and an intuitive SEO training environment. Optimize your site pages, build backlinks and track the results. 

Thanks to a strong system and a competitive price point, Toxic SEO is ideal for webmasters, business owners, marketers, stand-alone SEO specialists and even large marketing agencies!

Toxic SEO Backlink Checker

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