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SEO Success is a Journey NOT an Instant Fix

How is Your Advertising Budget Performing? Toxic SEO Online Delivers Smart Marketing Analytics

Website owners need to know how effective their business is online. Marketing a site involves a multifaceted strategy and it’s imperative to know where the budget is making greatest returns on the investment (ROI)  

An effective marketing campaign should involve:

  • Organic search optimization
  • PPC
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • CPA advertising
  • Banner advertising
  • Social media advertising
  • Word of mouth
  • And other approaches

With all this marketing going on it’s CRITICAL to know where the gains are coming from and what campaigns are failing to give a return on the investment.

You NEED to know:

  • If the targeted audience visits your website
  • Whether you are ahead of your competitors … or way behind!
  • Where your advertising budget is reaping maximum rewards

Toxic SEO Web Analytics Marketing Reports Provides The Answers!

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For a SUPER-Report Add Google Analytics!

If you use Google to track stats, Toxic SEO allows you to easily embed important charts to compile a comprehensive SEO report including:

  • Keyword ranking
  • Backlink stats
  • SEO analysis
  • Web metrics
  • Visitor referrers data
  • Demographic reports
  • A comparison to your competitors’ analytics data

To add Google Analytics to Toxic SEO, open Web Analytics Reporter, select Google Analytics, send a request to your client’s analytics account and make sure the access is granted. That’s it ! You can then add analytics to marketing reports.

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Adding Google Analytics to Toxic SEO is simple: Log in, open Web Analytics Reporter, select Google Analytics, send a request to the relevant analytics account and make sure the access is granted. That’s it!

Toxic SEO Analytics Overview Checklist

Monitor critical ROI with the following reports charts and graphs:

  • Referring Organic Keywords: What people searched for when they found the website
  • Referring PPC Keywords: If you run PPC campaigns, you need to know which keywords result in sales
  • Referring Sites: Which sites refer the most visitors
  • Campaigns: Which advertising campaigns were most profitable
  • Direct Visits: Those visitors who entered the URL address directly into the search. This metric shows how popular your brand and website are and represents valuable word-of-mouth marketing
  • Demographic:. See if the visitor audience represents your target audience

Monitor this data against your competitors

To obtain competitors’ data, simply add their URLs to our site traffic analysis application to build a report based on their traffic numbers.

Toxic SEO Web Analytics reporting will detail traffic trends as important indicators of a website’s success. 

Thanks to a strong system and a competitive price point, Toxic SEO is ideal for webmasters, business owners, marketers, stand-alone SEO specialists and even large marketing agencies!

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