How Did BZ9 Get To Where it is Today?

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About bz9 internet marketing

Hi There,

I’m Paul J. Tranter and with my business partner Terry Johnson (see mugshots below!), we’re probably the most successful Internet Marketers you’ve never heard of!

We’re a couple of down-to-earth English blokes who quietly sit under the radar and relentlessly get on with the business of doing business.

Over the years the Internet has been good to us and we now feel the time is right to give something back so we’ve upgraded our ‘private’ armoury and made it easily available to everyone…

BZ9 began as our own personal toolbox and programming was launched way back in 2003 when the internet was still like the wild west (some say it still is today). BZ9 started out by offering small business owners basic online services such as autoresponders, url shortening and systems to build lists. We must have done something right as BZ9 took on over 35,000 customers in the first year.

We’ve learnt a lot along the way. Under the Internet Unlimited LLC umbrella we have operated many other online businesses from software services and publishing services through to full blown membership websites which have seen members total more than 100,000 for two of our services.

You don’t develop fast growing businesses and manage the growth without making some mistakes. But we’ve taken those experiences on board, learnt from them and used the knowledge to ensure we achieve the very best for our clients.

The Marketing Tools and Systems are a work in progress. To date, a team of programmers have worked full time for over TWO AND A HALF YEARS building and tweaking to get our raw software ready for this latest upgrade release. To date, it has cost somewhere in the region of $200,000 of our own hard-earned money, which ironically was generated using the systems we created! No outside investors or business angels … our own money!

Striving to be the best we can be, to offer affordable services that help our clients be the best they can be…

BZ9 Mission Statement

And we’re nowhere near finished … We have a set of briefs being analysed right now and a work schedule for the coming twelve months. We make this promise: We reinvest 30% of any income back into research & development  … And that’s an ongoing commitment to our clients and their businesses.

membersOver the years and under various guises and pen names Terry & I have worked with many of the top Internet Marketers on joint venture partnerships and if we’ve not been behind some of the busiest sites in the Internet Marketing niche since its inception, we’ve helped promote them.

We were behind Freenetleads way back in 2002 that generated a membership of 500,000 people by it’s third month, a system designed to grow opt-in mailing lists and Holy Crap did it work!

And this in the days when it really was as simple as building a list, sending out a mail for a mediocre product then sitting back in amazement as the money rolled in. The conversion rates back then were astounding, which is just as well because the products were abysmal! But the marketing tools did the business … the same way as they do today.

It was only held back by the limitations of the servers we kept crashing and our lack of expertise in that area!

Modern servers can handle the traffic and BZ9 has a robust framework so we’re scaleable and ready to grow.

After Freenetleads came 241leads, Results Tracker, Toolbar Traffic, Ultimate Banner Exchange … and so on and so forth…

Trading as Internet Unlimited, we built system after system, pushed product after product and all this as I traveled the world, sailing my yachts and living the Internet Dream.

We’ve not only stood the test of time and navigated through the hard times, but have grown and evolved into a truly grown up service.

From those early days in 2003 we’ve gone on to build our own systems which integrate and interact with all the new platforms evolving online, and plan to continue the evolution.

So that’s where we are today. We look forward to working with you as a valued client for years to come…

Have a great day!
Paul, Terry and the BZ9 Team

Who’s At The Helm?

Do the very best you can do in anything and everything you do

Paul J. Tranter, Contact Paul
  • Paul J. Tranter :: Founder and Head of Marketing and Business Development

    paul tranter, head of internet marketing

    Paul has a natural talent for copywriting and design.

    Over the years Paul has helped create extremely busy sites both for Internet Unlimited LLC, gauk Media and on behalf of clients where we have established publishing contracts. Many would say their success is largely due to Paul’s talent with copywriting.

    In the early days Paul went to Kidderminster College of FE Art and Graphic Design (based in UK) and then Cambourne Tech where he did an HND in Art direction and Advertising. At the age of nineteen Paul began travelling the world as a chartered yacht skipper and is still living the Internet dream, enjoying a fine balance of work and lots of play.

    Business has grown to the stage where Paul may not sit a desk designing but you can be assured that Paul will work closely with our employed designers to ensure we turn out only the best for our clients.

    Living in New Zealand this presents a great asset and the twelve hour time difference gives us a massive advantage in that development can run almost 24 hours a day. BZ9 has offices now on 3 continents … Such is the power of running a business online.

  • I love the challenges of business

    Terry Johnson, Contact Terry
  • Terry Johnson :: Founder & Head Of Product Development

    Terry has been instrumental to the development of BZ9.

    In fact its been somewhat of a passion right from the word go back in 2003.

    That passion has simply grown and grown since we achieved our goal which was to have a competent, outstanding team behind the scenes to take BZ9 forward and achieve both our own and our customer’s goals.

    Having left private school back in 1980 Terry started out by building an agricultural business at the age of just 18, established a retail business consisting of 8 outlets, then became an importer and exporter of vending machines before switching over to the Internet full time in 2002.

    Terry is very hands-on and you can expect him to be behind the new products and services we plan to roll out via a busy programming and development strategy scheduled to extend many years into the future.

    In fact programming and development is something that never stops at BZ9 and Terry will be guiding its successful integration.

  • We are your partners in business

    Al Plymale, Contact Al
  • Al Plymale :: International Director Of Sales

    Al Plymale has over 30 years of successful experience in business development, marketing, and sales management.

    He has owned as well as managed businesses in the Automotive, Banking, Financial, and Real Estate Industries.

    Graduate of Marshall University BS 1982, Lee Dubois Technologies, Sesco Management Consultants, Northwestern Mutual Financial Services, and also held title of USPTR Professional Tennis Instructor, has demonstrated the well rounded career and training that Mr.Plymale brings BZ9 as the International Director of Sales & Marketing as well as a Partner in BZ9.

    Mr. Plymale comes to BZ9 from a very successful and distinguished career, with US BANK, SunTrust, Northwestern Mutual Life, Sam Swope and the Don Jacobs Organizations as well as owner of Kats Paw Development Company.

    Mr. Plymale is a professional sales trainer and marketing manager who has trained, taught, and coached the best in these industries.

    Since Mr. Plymale has taken over as the Director of Sales & Marketing BZ9 Media has developed the ‘retail’ arm of its operations so that BZ9 can successfully deliver and implement BZ9’s proven Cutting-Edge, Business & Social Media systems directly to the business customer.

  • Customer care is my business

    Karen Connelly, Contact Elspeth
  • Karen Connelly :: Head Of Customer Support

    Karen has worked for Internet Unlimited LLC since early 2004.

    Based in the UK Karen has again seen the massive changes over the 7 years which have taken place online.

    Once managing support and accounts for upwards of 20 websites, her key focus is now supporting BZ9 customers ensuring projects are delivered on time according to customer specifications.

    Karen was educated in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, she then spent a number of years working within the Leisure Industry.

    Before joining Internet Unlimited LLC Karen spend 12 months traveling the world, she still does a fair amount of traveling today but always has her laptop with her so she always knows what’s going on.

  • A fantastic thanks to the entire team for all the hard work

    The BZ9 Team
  • The Team :: Powering BZ9

    the bz9 internet marketing team

    Strategically place across three continents a focused and dedicated team work tirelessly with our Mission Statement as their bedrock…

    “So why pay for BZ9 when I can get free stuff off the web?”

    Good question and one we’ve heard before!

    We at BZ9 even publish some free tools and information…

    However, it takes a large team of dedicated programming staff, a number of technical guys and a rather large budget to keep BZ9 running. Bz9 Tools & Plugins took over TEN years to compile and thousands of hours to maintain. It’s also comforting to know that we aim to reinvest up to 30% of revenue into improving BZ9; indeed the next 12 months of upgrades are now scheduled.

    You simply cannot find a suite of marketing tools like BZ9 anywhere else the entire system is online, accessible from any computer Mac or PC and is all run on our state-of-the-art, dedicated servers. You run everything from a simple dashboard, online management system that’s already installed and configured, just fill in the information you want to process … no software to upload, download or configure.

    We try to keep running costs down and pass on savings where we can but ultimately, we think BZ9 represents excellent value … We hope you’ll agree!

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