4 November 2014
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WordPress Website Builder

Welcome to Webdog … the ultimate Wordpress Website Builder

Welcome to webdog …

The internet’s only hosted website builder which leverages the enormous power of WordPress so that you can easily and instantly build professional websites, eCommerce shopping sites, online courses and tuition sites, hobby sites, blogging sites and …

Well … Literally any site you want!

Build them faster, easier, better and with more, much more features than your bog-standard WordPress installation.
When you build sites easier they take less time to build.
When you take less time to build your sites you free up time for the more important aspects of running your business
When you build them better you engage with your potential visitors turning them into loyal customers
And when you incorporate more features you make more sales,
Which is why you built the site in the first place…

Webdog delivers all of this and a whole lot more.

The benefits of using WebDog to build your online business or brand are far reaching. WebDog is the culmination of over twelve years of doing business online which ensures the best infrastructure for your business, backed up by rock solid hosting, security and obsessive data back ups.

WebDog programmers have incorporated substantial and unique custom features which further enhances and improves WordPress functionality to make the market leading website builder even better …

WebDog is all about maximum effect coupled with simplicity of use, which is evident from the very beginning.

Immediately after registration you simply choose a template from the extensive WebDog templates library but don’t worry if you change your mind at any time in the future, changing a template is achieved with a click of your mouse.

Within seconds you’ll be editing and adding your content, changing colors, navigation, and page elements as easily as making a cup of coffee.

No website is complete unless it can viewed by multiple browser types, sizes and configurations,

With webdog cross platform and cross browser compatibility comes as standard.

Once you are happy with your work, you can save as a template for future use with other pages or load existing templates at a blink of an eye.

WebDog clearly has you covered when it comes to quick and easy building of stunning, engaging websites,

Some would say that’s enough, but WordPress has tens of thousands of plugins available to further enhance your visitors experience.

So at WebDog you don’t have to scour the internet to find the best plugins; just make your way to the plugin section where you will find an array of top plugins ready to turn your site into the ultimate lead grabbing sales machine.

Every WebDog site is fully brandable with your business name and brand.

Each site will be sub-domain of webdog. If you prefer to have your own domain mapped to your sub-domain simply make your way to the domain mapping section of your account and you’ll have your domain on its way to being mapped within just a few minutes.

I hope you have enjoyed this brief overview of the fantastic features and opportunity available when you take up a low cost website builder package with WebDog …

And before we leave this overview let me just assure you that you don’t spend twelve years running a business online without understanding the importance of data back up …

at WebDog we know just how damaging losing data can be to your business which is why all WebDog website builder services are backed up instantly, hourly, daily, weekly and monthly with the additional safeguard that weekly back ups are even transported off site to another location to ensure that should an extreme act of nature take out the hosting facility, that your business will experience absolute minimum downtime.

The longevity of your business is never in question.

Getting started is just as easy as building your site with Webdog … click here to get started.

2 responses on “WordPress Website Builder

  1. Benny Brogan says:

    Webdog where is it? Is there no more webdog?

    How does the platform work to build websites if I have an account with bz9?

    Benny Brogan

  2. Laurence Chilcott says:

    What happens to my BZ9 subscription and all the accumated products and training videos I have paid for over the past 4-5 years or so?

    And where does Webdog fit in….I’m disappointed David . .?

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