1 October 2014
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Best Times To Post On Facebook

We all want to improve traffic to our website, a great way to do this can be via Facebook posts, but what are the best times to post?

Ty these best times to post on Facebook to improve interaction and user engagement.

    • Most brands post during the week
    • The peak time for posts is 12pm-1pm
    • Engagement is huge on weekends
    • Posts on Sundays get the most interaction
    • Posts published at night get the most interaction
    • Engagement increases after 9pm
    • Posts between 12am and 1am are most effective

      This insight has been provided by Track Maven, I found it within their presentation which you can review below.

      The presentation is called:

      A Complete Guide To The Best Times To Post On Social Media (And More!)

      Track Maven research is strong & backed by data everyone should pay attention to.

      It gives the best times for businesses to post on multiple social media websites — and the times when the most fan engagement is likely to occur.

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