11 September 2014
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WordPress Website Builder

I’m seeking just 2 to 5 people who want to beta test a brand new platform we’ve built from the ground up.

The platform builds websites like no other … whilst website builders may not be anything new, even the big players have opted to build their own propriety systems, which on the face of it sounds great because it extends total flexibility …

BUT with this flexibility also comes MAJOR drawbacks …you see, once upon a time it was great to have your own bespoke software to do with as you wish … but this was before the likes of WordPress had a chance to evolve.

I’m sure you are familiar with WordPress and that it delivers, hundreds of thousands of themes and plugins … both free and low cost.News Bullhorn Megaphone Important Alert Announcement

WordPress has now evolved from that rather clumsy blogging application into the most sophisticated website builder ever.

This is the advantage of using WordPress over magento, wix, 1&1 etc. etc. who have built their own website builders and will forever be limited by the fact they cannot integrate with the massive variety of themes and plugins constantly being built by hundreds of thousands of WP programmers.

This is why our platform is built with WordPress firmly written into the foundations … so that our customers can tap into the wealth of WordPress and the huge advantage this brings over any other platform on the market.

But its not just about the ability to leverage WordPress … this is WordPress like no other … instant WP websites created with zero installation required along with quick and easy, plug and play features meaning you spend less time building and more time selling.

It’s taken many months of programming to get to where we are now, and we’re ready to let a few customers take a peak so if you are a:

  • B2B reseller building sites for clients
  • A small business building sites for yourself

… please get in touch by replying to this message, I’ll put you on the list so that you are notified (as early as next week) when the platform is ready for your inspection.

Zero strings attached …

This is WordPress just as you know it with lots of bespoke programming to take your website building to the next level.

if this is something you may be interested in you can have access from as early as next week.

I’m not looking to sell you anything, I simply want some feedback from you, in return you’ll be offered some great deals once the platform goes live, including free access and discounted membership for the long term.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Terry Johnson


7 responses on “WordPress Website Builder

  1. G COOPER says:

    Hey Terry I just saw this and am very interested in participating in your testing. If you are still seeking testers please do let me know.

  2. Ed Blakeslee says:

    Certainly would like this opportunity guys, thank you

  3. Lee Proctor says:

    I am quite interested in the beta test.

  4. Benny Brogan says:

    Hi Terry,

    I’m interested in building WorPress sites in better way if possible.

    I’m not an active client of bz9 but want to bi that too. I have looked at your services and they look like the ones I have now but I’m paying more for now and your have even more.

    Best Regards,
    Benny Brogan

  5. I have just started a reseller business and I am looking for B2B opportunities…building sites for clients for small business sites: I love participating in your testing.

    If you are still seeking testers please do let me know?
    Mark Kooijman

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