16 September 2014
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Sports Design Ideas

Sports Design Ideas … these examples have been pulled together to offer inspiration. Note that all designs shown below are from a popular  website, yet the designs are very simple, using the sports balls as the main focus. Layout & Design Tips … Where a letter such as an ‘O’ exists within a quote or saying, […]

11 September 2014
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WordPress Website Builder

I’m seeking just 2 to 5 people who want to beta test a brand new platform we’ve built from the ground up. The platform builds websites like no other … whilst website builders may not be anything new, even the big players have opted to build their own propriety systems, which on the face of […]

10 September 2014
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Anyone For Tennis?

Anyone for tennis, football, soccer, cricket, basketball, baseball, softball or hockey?

2 September 2014
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End Of The Like Gate!

When you like a Facebook page, Facebook wants to make sure you really like that page. Facebook announced recently that it will end the process known as the like gate, where users would have to like a page to enter a contest or receive more points in a game. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Facebook detailed this change in a […]

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