14 August 2014
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WordPress Copy of a Teespring Landing Page

At Last … I finally located a word press plugin which is a responsive, carbon copy of a Teespring landing page to promote physical and digital products …

Here’s an example: view

It took me under 10 minutes to create!


The plugin is being recommend for selling physical products, but it works equally as well for digital products.

Any way, cutting to the chase … last week I chatted to Brandon Garland about his plugin, it sort of did what I wanted to achieve, but it had no color or size options so it was no good for apparel.

Then two days ago he showed me the new version WITH color and size options …

But I hastily added that 3 color and 3 size options for apparel is no good at all.

So, on my promise you would like the plugin … he is now:

    1. Adding 9 size options (catering for XS to 5XL)
    2. Adding multiple color options (should be 15)
    3. Adjusting the responsiveness as layout was not perfect
    4. He might (MIGHT) be adding option to add more than 3 product images

I say might for point 4. as 3 is probably sufficient so I did not try to push my luck.

This plugin takes care of a whole lot more. You can now have your own white labelled version of a Teespring landing page sat right on your own WP site taking payments directly to your paypal account.

You can now focus your targeted audience on one product, a product which is sat on a mobile responsive page.

Without having to hit those soul destroying minimum print runs required over at Teespring!

All the details you need are sucked into paypal, the color and size along with name of the product.

Customer does not even have to complete a delivery address as this is already within paypal.

All you then do is take the order to your store and pay the wholesale price!

Bingo, you have profit in the bank before you have even paid for the product, it does not get any better than that … Instant, positive cash flow.

PLUS :: the plugin has two extra features ..

    1. Add an upsell, simply add a URL and then upsell your customer to an additional product or service
    2. Exit pop up is already built in to grab the parting visitor and offer a downgrade or other service or product

As I have suggested, Brandon is adding the additional features mentioned above, they should be available within next 48 hours.

Reason for writing to you now is to advise that within 24 hours the price will be going up, so if this plugin is of interest, get it now, when the new version with the additional fields etc. is ready you will get the new version as part of your purchase.

I now feel under pressure as I told Brandon you’ll love it and want it so please if you are serious about your business grab it now, it represents the profit from just 4 shirt sales … sales you probably won’t even achieve without it!

Again, my demo page is here: (note it does not have the exit pop activated)

And to download the plugin please go here.

Terry Johnson

2 responses on “WordPress Copy of a Teespring Landing Page

  1. Hi! Terry,
    I am somewhat confused. Duh! (Not difficult to confuse me at my age.)

    I have read and re-read your e-mail of yesterday Subject At Last etc.

    The payment box reads $67 and yet when I follow the link in your email I get taken to Profitbay.co where the offer price is $37 without the upsell of $47 for the retargeting.

    I have bought the plug in for $37 but, still I am confused, is your $67 offer for something different because when I follow that link I get taken to here:- http://vipmarketinglounge.com/dip/?awt_l=CE_o_&awt_m=3gxXuCufg1jpmwb

    If I have bought the wrong thing well, ces’t la vie.

    Knowing the value you provide I do not want to miss out on your offer. Please help me here. ‘Cos I think this is a good opportunity.

    Kind regards

    Graham Dearing

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