28 July 2014
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Marketing Idea?

You may already be ahead of me on this marketing idea, but just in case … Did you know eBay allows YOU to link to your own sites?

… and you don’t even have to be an eBay seller!

In fact eBay has a PDF showing how to do it! (link at end of this post).

I didn’t know about this until yesterday … eBay shows you how to put your links within your profiles AND within eBay ‘Collections’.

Its 100% legal and free.

Even if you only use eBay to buy rather than sell this is a very interesting approach … Plus eBay will even help promote your links!

Now you can’t link directly to your sales pages selling competitive product to eBay for obvious reasons but you can link to blogs for example and then have banners on your blogs linking to your stores and you can also have affiliate products advertised on your blogs.

It doesn’t take long to set up, I created my first one within 20 minutes but I really need to start a more relevant blog.

At this stage I can’t say how effective it is, but given eBay actively promotes collections because they instil trust within buyers it would seem a worth while process as part of your marketing along with Pinterest, Wanelo and Instagram etc. etc.

It doesn’t take long as suggested above.

How did I find out about this?

I bought a report earlier today, it caught my attention because although it’s about eBay, it has nothing to with selling on eBay. It shows how you can legally use eBay to drive traffic to your sites without actually selling on eBay.

You can just download eBay’s own PDF below and not bother with the report I bought, but at $7 its worth it even if you pick up one extra tip, for example how to make sure your collection has a striking image to get people to take a closer look.

Here are the links you need:

eBay’s own PDF report – download
eBay $7 report – download

And lastly I would be the first to say that the page promoting the report is a bit amateurish but I would also suggest you over look this as the concept has merit.

Terry Johnson

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